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Welcome to Tantric Soul! - London's best reviewed, five-star, body-to-body and tantric massage company for Gay, Bi-sexual and curious men and women. Please call, text or Whatsapp us +44(0)7964 770 330 in complete discretion. Tantric Soul is British owned and British run.
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Amazing. Loved it. Will return. Wish they were in DALLAS, Texas !!!!
By: Tommy On: 23-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


Amazing massage. Such a nice guy and really great at working my aching back and then incredible b2b as well
By: Jack On: 22-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


What a body! And what amazingly relaxing hands. The body to body part of the massage was amazing too, and he's a friendly and relaxed guy. Recommmended!
By: Luke On: 22-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


Another great massage. Listened to my requests and adapted the massage to suit. Found the right balance between applying enough pressure but being sensual throughout. Look forward to seeing him again.
By: Nick On: 21-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


Pictures do not make him justice, Toby is way more beautiful and his body is just gold medal. I had the most relaxing, amazing, exciting man to man massage ever. What a pleasure it was to be around this man with his great energy.
By: Abdulah On: 20-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


I had my first ever body-to-body massage with Pablo and it was just incredible. Pablo is very handsome, muscled but more importantly super charismatic and charming too. He gave me the best massage I have every had and followed up with a very pleasant conversation - he is well travelled, cultured and very knowledgeable. A wonderful experience and highly recommended!
By: Rami On: 19-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


A real pro! I enjoyed every single moment of our time together! The feelings were out of this world. Gorgeous to look at! Such powerful & beautiful hands amongst other things! Thank you very much Pablo, I'll look forward to another encounter.
By: Dan W On: 16-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


Amazing guy and professional masseur . Highly recommended for real relaxing massage . Henry also has a charming personality and beautiful face and body :) great. He's very hot guy!
By: Yazan On: 16-Sep-2017. Rating: 5


I just want to say Pablo, you were fantastic! I arrived feeling very nervous, because this was my first time, and the moment I saw you, you put me very much at ease, with your kind handshake and warm embrace. I found the facilities at your place to be of a very high standard, and I just loved the decorations in your bedroom, felt very spiritual indeed. Your massage was strong, and took away all my tensions, I wasn't prepared for the sheer bliss that was to come, when you placed your muscular body on top of mine and began to massage me with such intensity. What I like particularly was the holding techniques in the tantric ritual, I have not been held like that by a man for a very long time, and it really was the intimacy I have been craving for so many years. I shall return to my husband and will be bringing him with me next time!! Thank you again. Peter x
By: Peter On: 16-Sep-2017. Rating: 5

Tantric Soul Couple

Simply delicious. Beautiful men giving firm adventurous massage. Benny's body is so smooth as it glides across you and cheeky Pablo is a naughty boy in all the best ways. Very attentive throughout. Now I want to enjoy them both individually!
By: Luke On: 15-Sep-2017. Rating: 5

Tantric Soul Gay Massage London

Welcome to Tantric Soul, London's finest, five-star tantric and gay erotic massage agency for discerning and urbane gay, bi and bi-curious gentlemen, as well as those who are open-minded and unwilling to limit themselves to a label. Not only are our masseurs uncommonly handsome, they are also intelligent and empathetic, with charisma to burn.

Five star specialists in Nuru massage, Tantric, Body to body, Tie & Tease, Sensual, Aqua, 2-8 hands massages, incall and outcalls. 

If you're looking for a foretaste of heaven, then male tantric massage - an ancient and erotic form, with a history stretching back thousands of years - is ideal for you. Succumb to this most sensual of experiences and you'll be taken to a deep state of relaxation by a technique combining traditional Swedish massage strokes with a masterful, masculine touch guaranteed to awaken every part of your sensual essence.

You are cordially invited to enjoy the most incredible and erotic gay massage in London. Each of the gentlemen listed on Tantric Soul is absolutely stunning in the flesh. All of them are perfect tens who take incredibly good care of their bodies, refusing mind-altering substances, living healthily and happily, and working out at the gym daily, come hell or waters high. We have extremely strict recruitment criteria - being handsome is not enough by itself. Each masseur must also have a toned and/or muscular body, a very friendly and open nature and the ability to participate in intelligent conversation whenever the client requires it.

At the outset of your gay tantric massage, we will welcome you with an affectionate hug or handshake and drinks. You'll be able to shower before and after your appointment and complete discretion is assured. Once free of unnecessary clothing, you will be led to the bed or table where both you and your masseur will be naked. With the assistance of warm oils and soft vanilla candles, you and he will form a unique bond, one that is rare to find in the outside world. In our safe, luxurious environment, you will experience a full-body erotic massage, with pressure tailored to your exact requirements. Once the masseur is satisfied that you are soothed and relaxed, the tantric massage will begin. Every inch of your body will be caressed and cared for. Your masseur will be like an explorer, attending to you as if discovering some new and exotic, uncharted land. Since no area of the body is left untouched, you will feel yourself becoming sensually aware in a new way and, slowly but surely, the stresses and tensions of life will turn to vapour. You will feel a profound connection to your beautiful and magnetic masseur, and you will abandon yourself to the care of his strong, knowing hands. With his glistening body on top of yours, he will glide from side to side, using his muscles to arouse within you feelings of love, peace and exquisite pleasure, pleasure that is unlimited and which cannot be captured by words.

Body To Body erotic Massage 

The body-to-body male massage is an art that we've refined and perfected at Tantric Soul. Our hot and beautiful masseurs use their luscious, masculine and toned bodies to become one with yours while simultaneously easing away all its stresses, tensions, knots and problem areas. Since performing a body-to-body massage is a strenuous undertaking, a Tantric Soul masseur is extremely skilled and fit, using his arms to balance his torso and chest, moving like an ocean wave and giving you untold satisfaction. You and your masseur will embark on a journey to intense heights of pleasure that have not been scaled before.

Male to Male gay massage London

This beautiful, erotic massage is offered to gay, straight and bi gentlemen and couples and can be performed in the comfort of your own home or hotel residence. Our extremely handsome gentlemen also offer this heavenly experience at their luxury, Central London apartments. Explore the Gallery page to view recent photographs of our gorgeously masseurs. All the images are accurate representations, recently taken. We are committed to bringing you five-star services with no corners cut. We've carefully compiled the questions our clients ask the most and you can find the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Prepare to experience something you will never forget - a one-of-a-kind, luxury gay tantric massage experience leaving you in a state of pleasure that lingers far beyond the actual appointment. All our clients leave Tantric Soul in a happy frame of mind, recharged, free of stress, and ready to face the world with renewed energy and enthusiasm. We are dedicated to helping clients feel a new freshness and strength, so they can handle whatever life has in store for them. We look forward to arranging your male erotic massage appointment at the most deeply erotic gay massage parlor in London Tantric Soul.

*Brought to you by By Steve Jacob
and Co, (Master tantric practitioner)
*Images are recent.
All client reviews are 100% genuine 

Disclamer: All the masseurs you see advertised on this website are not directly employed by Tantric Soul. They are working on a freelance basis and are responsible for the payment of their taxes and national insurance. All monies exchanged are for time only. Our masseurs do not engage in any immoral or services. You must be 18 years or over to avail of this service. 
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