Just what is it exactly that makes Asian tantric masseurs so unutterably special? Well, for a start, it goes without saying that many of the gay massage practices in which they excel find their origins in the ancient East. In some ways, the tantric arts are in their DNA and when they become practitioners they are answering a profound, sacred calling. It isn’t as if they wake up one day and think, ‘Hey! I think I’ll become a gay masseur’. It’s more as if they are guided to this noble profession by a divine hand. Gay Asian masseurs are a breed apart – they are undeniably gifted and their gifts run deeper than one could ever expect. There is nothing superficial about the dedication, time and energy they give to their craft and this puts them on a higher plane where they can dispense pure love from their very fingertips.

Possessed of an exotic beauty, these stunning men often come to London where they continue to hone their extraordinary abilities, bringing serenity and contentment to men throughout the capital. It is high time they were celebrated for the amazing human beings that they are, combining world-class good looks and an ability to heal that goes above and beyond.

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