As the hot weather continues, albeit with intermissions of shower and cloud predicted here and there, there’s one thing it’s easy to lose sight of. While our attention is diverted, making sure we’re using a decent SPF if we’re going to have prolonged exposure to the elements, we can forget to drink. We may be looking after ourselves in 101 ways, making sure we have regular gay massage and eating a sensible diet, while wearing airy garments made of linen. But if we’re dehydrated, that’s not going to count for much. As we experience week on week of scorching temperatures, it’s a wonderful time for staying put for a holiday, but keeping ourselves topped up with water is absolutely vital. Typically, when we get these rare heatwaves, GPs experience more and more patients presenting with unexplained headaches, exhaustion, sluggishness and lethargy. What they don’t realise is that they’re simply dehydrated. Keeping an eye on fluid intake is essential for a safe and successful summer.

Some of the signs of dehydration

Part of the problem is that we’re simply not accustomed to prolonged heat in the UK, so when it strikes, we don’t automatically make the connection that we’ll be losing more fluid in terms of increased sweat. If you’re not sure what to look out for, here are the signs of dehydration:

Increased thirst
Dark-coloured and excessively pungent urine
Only urinating four or fewer times per day
Mouth, eyes and lips feeling/looking dry
Sweating decreases

Who is at risk from dehydration the most?

The most at-risk groups are, as usual, infants and the elderly. If you have a child under six months, then you should know that children of that age-group can dehydrate incredibly fast and you should stay aware for signs including drier nappies (less urine and the soft area at the top of the head known as the fontanelle looking more sunken than usual. You’ll also notice that when the baby cries, the tear production is considerably reduced.

The only good thing about dehydration is that in its early and mid stages, it can be halted quite simply by taking little sips of water. Little and often is better than huge, great gulps. You can also reduce the risks of getting dehydrated in the first place by favouring foods that have a high moisture content such as soups, lollies, watermelon and other juicy fruit.

How you or another individual could feel when having dehydration

If you’re looking after an old person or a baby and you think there may be some sign of dehydration, then begin the remedy by spoon-feeding little amounts of water at frequent intervals. Generally, dehydration can be resolved easily if it hasn’t gone too far. However, if any of the following are the case, then it’s time to seek immediate help:

You feel excessively tired
You’re suffering from confusion and disorientation
When you stand up, there’s a sensation of dizziness that doesn’t immediately go away
It’s been eight hours since you last urinated
You’ve got a rapid or weak pulse
You’re starting to fit/have seizures

Gay massage in London is a wonderful way of getting out of the sun and into a healing environment, so once you’re on the mend, don’t forget to book.


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