Do you rely on the instant boost effect of caffeine to get your day started? And if you don’t have those two cups of coffee, are you sluggish, angry and headache-ridden? Given the rise of the high street coffee chains, it’s hardly surprising that more of us than ever are practically dependent on the drink. But by becoming beholden to coffee, we overlook the other ways we can give our energy levels a boost, and many of them are healthier. Gay massage is certainly one way to recharge your batteries, and using a reputable massage agency will ensure you get the best treatment available. But there’s a host of other things you can do at several junctures in the day when you feel lethargy start to descend. If you’re stifling yawns by 11.00am, then these could come in vital, and give you just what you need to make it through the day with enthusiasm and clarity intact.

Move more

Just adding another 250 steps to your day (easy to monitor now that we have devices that count our steps, including our phones) can make a real difference. You’ll be increasing your blood circulation, giving your muscles a bit more training and encouraging your cardiorespiratory system to go further and further before tiring out. If you’ve got a busy day, you can still do this. Pace while making phone calls, walk around the office, take the stairs not the lift. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling brisker and more alert.

2. Take deep breaths

Oxygen is necessary for energy. Alas, stress leads us into periods of shallow breathing. This ramps up our anxiety levels. Take a few deep, deep breaths several times a day; you can get your phone or smart-watch to help you with reminders. Why not do it during your commute, when you’re waiting in a queue or taking a break? Your stress will be reduced and your energy maintained.

3. Chew more

Monitor how much you chew the next time you have a snack. Now double it. Chewing is much more important than we sometimes realise. If we break down our food properly prior to digestion, then it will be more easily converted into nutrients and energy. We’ll feel the difference. When you suck down a meal barely chewing at all, you give your digestive system a much harder job and you diminish your body’s ability to create energy stores. Chew, chew, chew and then chew again, and you’ll be thanked for your efforts with increased energy and health.

4. Diminish coffee intake

Just start by having one less coffee a day. The instant energy effect of coffee is because caffeine prevents our brains from receiving adenosine, a neurotransmitter that brings on feelings of tiredness. The trouble is that when the caffeine wears off, the build up of adenosine hits us all at once, hence we get the crash. So we drink more coffee and the cycle begins. Start diminishing the problem by gradually reducing your coffee intake.

Gay massage London is a useful complementary tool to add to any of the above measures, so why not make sure you have a booking in your calendar today?


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