Sometimes, we hear a buzzword or an up-to-the-minute phrase so often that its actual meaning becomes blurred. It simply turns into background noise. We think we know what it means, but it’s essentially just aural cotton wool. When you ask gay escorts in London what an example of this might be, they could easily say ‘holistic health’. Holistic health is a concept that gets bandied about so much, be it in blogs or health and lifestyle magazines, that we’ve ceased to understand fully what it is and what it stands for. So let’s take a look and see what the definition really is of this much-misunderstood term. Holism is the theory that entities (such as us) exist as more than just the mere sum of their parts. Consequently, holistic health practice is a form of healthcare that addresses every aspect of the patient – from physical to emotional, spiritual, psychological and social. Instead of focussing on whatever the specific illness might be or the precise body part that’s affected, the therapist or doctor will assess you as a complete person and look at how you interact with your immediate environment. If, for example, you have frequent interactions with gay escorts in London, the holistic practitioner will take this into account when working out a good wellbeing plan for you.


In this form of healthcare, the patient is asked to take responsibility for his or her own wellbeing – the choices and decisions you make on a day-to-day basis can be altered to enable you to take charge of your health. Where traditional medical doctors address the body but overlook the mind, and traditional mental health specialists treat the mind but overlook the body, holistic health bridges the gap by overlooking nothing. And instead of bombarding your system with drugs and surgery, holism looks for the underlying causes of symptoms. The mind, body and soul (or spirit) are not regarded as being separate from each other by holistic doctors and nurses. Among the specialists who take a holistic approach are naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, allergy specialists, mental health counsellors and even some medical doctors. So in all likelihood, possibly without knowing it, you will have at more than one time been the beneficiary of holistic healthcare.

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