It’s a problem as old as time itself. Few of us can quite make peace with hair-loss. It feels like being stripped of youth, beauty and vitality. No wonder some men eventually succumb to the knife and have follicular transplants. And the problem can be even more devastating for women who, after all, have every expectation of hanging on to their locks for a lifetime. Recent years have seen the arrival of non-invasive treatments that can help. Most men these days know about propecia and the various topical sprays and foams that can inhibit the loss of our precious tresses. But what about scalp health? Can a good scalp massage do anything to help?

Will Scalp Massage Help With Hair Loss?

There are good reasons to expand your gay massage regimen by adding a periodic scalp treatment to the mix. You could even do it yourself. Studies have shown that a daily, four-minute scalp massage can increase blood flow to the scalp and the hair follicles. Evidence also suggests that by doing this, you’ll increase activity in the genes that promote hair growth and diminish activity in those thought to be responsible for hair-loss. Better still, there’s evidence that you’ll get thicker hair as a result, too. One of the causes of hair-loss is diminished blood circulation in the scalp area. Therefore, treating your head to a variety of strokes, including kneading and rubbing, can bring the circulation back. Use your hands and fingers to apply some pressure, too. It’s worth doing even if you’re not losing your hair because it conditions the skin of the scalp, strengthens the roots and leaves you with hair that’s less likely to break.

Self-Massage Techniques For The Scalp

Here’s a couple of approaches you can take. First, using your fingers, massage your scalp in such a way that you gentle pull the hair at the same time. Just create a little tension, rather than anything extreme that could cause breakage. Second, have a go at what’s known as the tapping technique. For a few minutes, just tap your scalp, keeping the pressure gentle but the pace fast. It’s a good idea to apply some hair tonic beforehand. You’ll benefit in more ways than you might expect because this treatment has been shown to reduce your risk of tension headaches and neck pain. It’s also good for lowering stress and encouraging better sleep. There’s really nothing to lose and so much to gain. If you’re uncertain how to start, why not have your first one at a good hairdressers? Then you can mimic the techniques when you’re at home.

Further Head Massage Information

Given the variety of causes of hair-loss, scalp massage can’t be a magic wand guaranteed to reverse the problem. But since all it takes is gentle fingertip pressure to encourage blood flow to the affected areas, it’s so easy. You can do it with either dry or wet hair but remember, wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage so be gentle if you do it wet.


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