Is your stomach groaning with all the excess of Christmas and New Year celebrations? Have you thrown caution to the four winds and consumed your own body weight in mince pies, cake and other festive confections? It’s almost impossible to get through the season without giving in to the pressure to eat, eat and then eat again. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you go, food is pressed on to you by over-eager hosts. Saying ‘no’ risks making you stand out as a Scrooge-like misanthrope. So most of us give in and start guzzling. When 2019 comes around, our clothes are noticeably tighter and we need all the help we can get to return to a more slimline state. That’s where male massage comes in. It sounds too good to be true, but it can help us get back to our pre-Christmas physique. One of the reasons people find it hard to believe that massage can make a difference to our weight-loss goals is that it’s something we enjoy in a completely inactive state. How on earth can lying down on a table and letting a fully-trained masseur soothe us with Swedish/deep-tissue strokes in any way assist us to shed the extra pounds? Let’s find out.

Can male massages therapy help You Lose Weight?

Yes, it can, and there are several reasons why it helps. First, the very act of taking time out for an hour or 90 minutes of self-care means we’re more likely to stick to our weight-loss goals. We can also substitute it for food as a weekly reward to give ourselves instead of reaching for that donuts. Then there’s the proven fact that massage diminishes physical aches and pains; this means that we’ll find our exercise regime easier to maintain. Because this deluxe therapy keeps muscles conditioned, diminishes tension and lowers soreness, exercise comes far more easily. We’ll also find that our mood stays more elevated and as a consequence we’ll take more pleasure in exercise.

Does Massage Reduce Water Retention?

Lymphatic drainage problems are another reason that we find it hard to get back to our original shape. This is especially the case if we’re on various prescription medications. Fortunately, getting a massage has been shown, in a 2014 study to reduce the hip circumference over a period of just 14 weeks. Just stay aware; if a masseur tells you that you can lose two stone in four weeks provided you see him once or twice a week, the chances are that you are dealing with a charlatan. Exaggerated promises are never a good sign. Using a reputable agency like Tantric Soul, you can discuss your goals, including weight loss, pain reduction or even psychological issues like inhibitions. Your masseur will then tailor his approach to suit your needs.

Further Weight Loss Information

It’s worth remembering that massage alone is not a good weight loss regime. You should combine it with exercise and good nutritional judgement. Once those three pillars are in place, you’ll also enjoy better range of motion, less back pain, improved quality of sleep, enhanced mental state, and noticeably lower stress/anxiety levels. What’s not to like?


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