Tantric soul gay massage London is happy to welcome its newest and finest recruits to the London gay massage scene. Hugo is absolutely gorgeous, you will love him. He has the most wonderful touch, and amazing body, he is also very tall and has beautiful eyes. In his presence you will feel totally at ease, his massage is erotic and sensual yet masculine and invigorating all at the same time. 

Hugo has been practising massage for two years, and only recently decided to offer his massages with a more erotic and kinky twist. If you are choosing to meet Hugo at his beautiful studio in King’s Cross then you will be provided with a shower, drink and comfortable table to relax upon. With soft music and the temperature exactly right, Hugo will enter the room and creep upon you silently and place his large warm hands on your legs, tickling you and tempting you, and welcoming you into his world, you will submit to his presence but that is fine, because you will be happy to be in the embrace of such a stunning, masculine and caring man. 
With warm oils he will pour the magical formula, so it reaches those places where his large hands may find it hard to fit, and throughout the next 60 or 90 minutes, Hugo will sense your energy level through his gifted intuition, he will be listening and totally attuned to your emotional state, and sexual energy. 
You may at some point find yourself becoming increasingly aroused by this stunning gentlemen and it is quite expected that you will develop a pounding erection, but this is ok, for tantric massage is all about freeing those blocks you have which prevent you from truly being yourself in the presence of another man. 
Hugo will turn you over, and begin to slide his body from side to side over yours, blowing gently in your ear as all your muscles take a vacation in his warm embrace, Hugo will be make you feel happy and at home, and you may experience the most wonderful orgasm, releasing all the stresses from your day, leaving you feeling in a happy frame of mind. 

To book the wonderful gay massage London for Hugo call or text us on +44 (0) 7964 770 330


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