Having a regular treatment will keep you in good condition the whole year round but if there’s one season when it really comes into its own, it’s winter. Of course, it stands to reason that at the time of the year when the elements launch attacks of snow, sleet and rain at us, we’ll benefit enormously from 60 to 90 minutes of TLC therapeutic therapy at the hands of a fully-trained professional. But more than that, there are actual scientific reasons why this luxurious treatment is most essential during the cold months.

Can Massage Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a blight on many people’s existence, particularly in the big cities where access to winter light is diminished by high-rise buildings and office-based careers. Somehow, those special lamps designed to mimic sunlight, as good as they are, can never fully banish the winter blues. The good news is that if you add a male massages treatment into your regimen, you’ll notice a real boost to your morale. The healing touch of a handsome, talented masseur will boost your serotonin levels (serotonin is one of the feel-good hormones keeping depression in check), as well as giving you a pick-me-up in the form of elevated dopamine (dopamine is the ‘reward’ hormone that leaves you feeling an inner glow). Even leaving aside the science, the simple act of taking time out from the cold and the stress of work to recharge your batteries in a soothing environment is like having a mini-holiday.

Boost your Immune system and circulation with body work treatment

With the winter months comes, alas, an array of coughs, colds and even the dreaded flu. In short, our immune systems are under assault from a variety of nasties. The plunging temperatures place an additional stress on our systems so the fact that massage is proven to boost immunity is not to be sniffed at. The powerful touch of a trained practitioner will enhance lymph flow, which means you’ll be better at staving off infections. As the cold sets in, those of us already experiencing circulation issues will find that they get even worse. And even those fortunate enough to have healthy circulation through the rest of the year may find that winter diminishes it. The icy temperatures make blood vessels constrict and that’s why blood circulation becomes poorer. This can translate into arthritis, general pain, aching limbs/extremities and all-over discomfort. It’s not pleasant, to put it mildly. Fortunately, if you book a body to body experience with Tantric Soul, you’ll be giving your circulation a much needed rescue remedy. As your talented practitioner sets to work on your body with a variety of luxurious strokes, you’ll experience improved blood flow, reduced blood pressure, an increase in over-all body temperature and a consequent improvement in physical function. Make it a weekly or fortnightly treat through the cold months to treat yourself to a wonderful pampering and very relaxing session and you’ll really get the optimum benefit. To book  Call, Text or whatsapp our friendly booking team on +447964770330


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