Although the pleasures of soothing, tantric, male massage are well-known and well-documented, thanks to the combination of ancient wisdom and extremely talented international practitioners, there are so many other areas in life where it can be not just revolutionary but also incredibly life-enhancing. Modern life puts stresses on the body in a variety of ways and one of the most severe is, counterintuitively enough, when we’re sitting. You’d think it would be when we’re at our most active that we’re at risk of damaging ourselves, but, in actual fact, it’s when we’re sitting that terrible strain can take place. The good news is that more and more companies are becoming conscientious about their employees’ health. Many provide in-house  services so that staff can go about their business in good health and an upbeat frame of mind.

What are the benefits of massage likely to be?

Having a relaxing massage at your place of work is, without a doubt, a wonderful idea. For a start, tight muscles have a tendency to ‘lock up’ energy resources such as oxygen and glucose. In other words, the very things we need to function at our fullest can be out of reach precisely because muscles are tight. Once a talented practitioner has his or her hands on our bodies, helping to stretch muscles and condition them, then lo and behold, those resources get released. Not only that, the feel-good hormones and chemicals, such as endorphins, are triggered and released into the body. Don’t believe it? Then why not try, the next time you’re feeling done-in at work, giving your quads (the muscles of the thigh) a good stretch. What you may well find is that you get a boost, sparing you the need to go and make a pot of strong coffee (which, after all, will give merely give you a short-term spike in energy before pushing you down into another slump).

Muscle tension and fatigue are inextricably linked. Tired employees struggling to stay motivated under strip lighting, in dry, air-conditioned buildings, can really feel exhausted. That leads to a knock-on effect in terms of their initiative and sense of autonomy. Work-place therapy  helps them feel empowered, appreciated, and as if their desire to perform well is being supported. That is to say, it has an array of psychological benefits, quite aside from its myriad physical benefits. Research indicates that the benefits begin even before the appointment. When a staff member is looking forward to their treatment, there will already be an uptick in his or her engagement with work and desire to perform well.

The addition of complimentary therapies to the work-place also makes it a kinder environment; a place where there’s a sense of mutual support and of everyone working towards shared goals. Employee blood pressure is lowered, blood flow is improved, muscles are soothed and restored. The reduction in physical tension has been demonstrated to lead to fewer employee errors, so the benefits are like a series of dominoes, each benefit leading to another one. So, yes, while there’s a great deal to be said for erotic gay massage, a whole book could be written about the wonderful results that flow from the service in the office. To enquire about a workplace treatment, Fill in our booking form and one of our team will reply within 24 hours.


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