An outer Body Experience

An experience that’s soothing, refreshing and reinvigorating, body to body massage treatment is pure pleasure. Clients swear by it as part of their overall health and wellbeing regimen. It’s arousing, erotic and leaves you walking on air every time without fail. We’ll help you find the right masseur for your precise needs and tastes and then, whether you opt for an in- or out-call, you’ll be walking straight into happiness. You and your muscular, scrupulously-trained therapist will divest yourselves of all clothing and quickly forge a connection. Tantric Soul masseurs are vetted not just for their astonishing good looks but also for their ability to put people at ease. In no time, the world and all its cares will fall away, and it’ll be just the two of you and nothing else.

Swedish and deep-tissue techniques

Delivered by a man who knows just how to use his hands, will get you relaxed and in the pleasure zone. Every ache and pain afflicting your body will be tenderly touched and soothed with sumptuous strokes. A pair of hot, manly hands on your body is just what you’ve been needing and, as you feel them working their way around your naked flesh, you’ll feel your sensuality coming alive. There’ll be soft, scented candles and gentle music in the background, helping you let go and give yourself up to the strapping man who’s working you over like a pro. Allow yourself to yield and let your vulnerability become apparent. In no time, everything that’s been troubling you will evaporate and be carried through the open window on a breeze, taken far away. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it’ll be time for the main attraction – the body to body massage procedure.

Watch your gorgeous masseur smooth a warm oil formula all over his buff body. See his glistening pecs and washboard stomach, slick with oil as he gets himself ready for you and only you. Now he’ll embrace you and you’ll feel delicious sensations of skin on skin. Lingering eye contact will let you know you’re both on the same page and ready to take it all the way. Using a figure-of-eight formation and balancing on his forearms, he’ll glide into you, letting his hard muscles connect with you. No part of your body will be unexplored by your amorous masseur as he harnesses the sensual energy in the room and rides it with abandon, taking you with him. Let his hungry, adventurous hands and body have their way with you, as the two of you near that glorious point of release. Soon, there’s no going back and the two of you will arrive at destination love. Once that explosion of energy has occurred, feel a serenity and satisfied glow rise up in you, covering you from wrist to heel and head to toe.

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