Spice things up and double your pleasure by booking a couples massage for you and your partner with one or two of our Dashing Men. Our deliciously handsome male masseurs are very happy to work with two of you, helping you both to achieve a stronger bond. Many of our clients who choose couples therapy have reported increased libido, better performance and a much better sensual life overall. Tantric can also bring you closer to your partner on an emotional and spiritual level, making for a much more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. It’s a wonderful option, whether you’re in a long-standing relationship or a new, budding romance.

How is the couples massage performed?

Couples massage is performed with two clients and two strapping, handsome masseurs of your choice. All of you will be gloriously naked. The  Gay massage  can be carried out with both of you on the same bed or in separate rooms if you prefer.

Tantric treatments for couples is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. Your masseurs will harness the sensual energy in the room. Like ringmasters of a sensual circus, they will ensure that everybody feeds of each other’s sounds, tastes, touches and vibrations. It’s a thrilling, rollercoaster ride, taking you to the twin peaks of relaxation and stimulation. During the session, your masseurs can rotate, allowing you to experience a thick slice of each handsome therapist, and doubling your enjoyment once more.

Tantric Soul masseurs carry a collection of toys, candles, oils and relaxing music. Love-vibes and feel-good energy will abound during your appointment. Happy endings are guaranteed to bring couples closer together, helping them achieve optimal and loving relationships.

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