What is Gay Cuddling massage?

What if you could take all the things you most love about body to body massage and then extend the experience with a soothing, calming, reviving twenty minutes of soulful cuddling, caressing and love? That’s exactly what happens with the Tantric Spoon Mate experience. It’s a massage and a half, giving you all the connection for which you long, bringing you and your masseur together, speaking the language of the heart in ways that restore and renew the very building blocks of the soul. Celebrate Gay Pride with our cuddling sensational experience.

Swedish and deep-tissue strokes
After you’ve selected the right masseur for your requirements, from a range of stunning international men, then it’s time for the pleasure to begin. Whether you opt for in- or out-call, you and your therapist will undress together until neither of you is even partially clothed. You can behold each other’s nudity while making eye contact and forge the beginnings of a loving connection. Swedish and deep tissue manoeuvres will get you relaxed. Feel a pair of powerful, masculine hands having their way with you, ridding your body of its aches and pains. Feel that built-up tension flowing out of your body and away. Soft candlelight and the strains of gentle music will be your only accompaniment.

Body to body
Then it’s time for the mind-blowing body-to-body massage. Your handsome, willing gent will coat his firm, masculine body with warm oils so that, when he starts pressing himself into you, urging you to yield to him, the sensations will be quite simply beyond the power of words to convey. Feeling his hot skin against yours as he glides, powering himself with your love, using his forearms to balance as he treats you to everything his flesh can provide. Soon, he’ll be ready to take you over the edge, exploring your body hungrily, so that no part of you goes unloved and untended. And when it’s time, the explosions will be immense, with waves of satisfaction crashing on to you.

Spoon mate
And then, instead of saying goodbye, you and your gorgeous, loving man will begin a series of spooning and cuddling positions. Let him take the lead and guide you through one loving, tender position after another. Feel that pure, untainted love entering you and bringing you out in a warm glow. Your strong, manly therapist will treat you to one wonderful healing cuddle after another, giving you every bit of devotion you’ve needed and wanted for some time. Let the feelings flow over you in a dizzying array of colours; harmony, peace, togetherness, tenderness, joy and contentment. All these and more will be yours thanks to the glorious spooning and cuddling positions


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