If you’ve ever experienced a massage at Tantric Soul, then you’ll already know that deep tissue massage is one of the most soothing and profound of the touch therapies. With firm pressure and lovely, lingering strokes, it’s a treatment that leaves you tingling, with a glorious sense of lightness and ease that you then carry with you throughout the rest of your week. But what exactly is Deep tissue massage in London? And why is it so widely thought of as one of the premier massage experiences?

In short, deep tissue massage London is a therapy that engages the connective tissue that cloaks your muscles (known as fascia) as well as the deeper layers of muscle themselves. It’s an absolute pain-buster, helping to alleviate chronic discomfort and aches, loosening stiff necks, soothing the upper and lower back, easing the shoulders and reducing muscle tightness in areas including the legs.

The Best Deep Tissue Massage Available from Tantric Soul

Deep tissue massage isn’t simply a massage with more pressure. It’s a distinct and different approach entirely. It can break down internal scar tissue, thereby reducing the pain caused by it, eliminate knots, and loosen up rigid tissue (another pain-causing problem). It’s great for circulation, improved mobility and inflammation.

But what to expect? If you’re a first-timer, you may only have heard of deep tissue massage in passing and have little to no idea of what it really is. When you book your deep tissue massage London appointment, we can help you find just the right practitioner for your specific needs and tastes. All our masseurs are thoroughly trained and vetted to ensure they also have sympathetic and kind personalities. You and your masseur will both be unclothed and then the healing process can commence.
You’ll experience softer, lighter strokes at the start of your appointment. This will begin to warm up your body and prepare your muscles for what is to come. Once the therapist is happy that you’re body is prepared, the deep tissue work will take place, employing a variety of touches and techniques. Deep, gliding strokes will be applied, addressing the muscle fibres of your body. The therapist will use his elbow, thumbs, knuckles and forearms to start engaging and treating your muscles. The tissue fibres of your body will be realigned as pressure is applied, going across the grain of the muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage London

You will be able to tell your therapist exactly what your problem areas are prior to the session. Alternatively, your therapist will be able to determine them himself. Your deep tissue massage in London session can focus on one particular problem area or take a more holistic approach and give your whole body a thorough reviving. The benefits include a lessening of lower back pain, an improvement in mobility, recovery from injuries such as whiplash or tennis elbow, enhanced posture, and diminished muscle tension. Deep tissue is combined with every gay massage in London.

Deep tissue, as part of a deep tissue massage London appointment, is a wonderful treatment for a variety of ailments, including fibromyalgia, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, osteoarthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome (and other repetitive strain injuries).

Your deep tissue session will mainly feel absolutely pleasurable. You may experience some discomfort/mild pain. This is to be expected especially when your therapist is working on scar tissue, knots and adhesions. Tell your therapist if/when pain occurs; your wellbeing is of paramount importance.


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