If you’ve never tried gay nuru massage before, then you’re in for a sensual trip to a hot, wet destination. It’s an ancient Japanese style of ‘sliding’ service that’s like being coated in hot, liquid love. You can enjoy this luxurious treat in London at the hands of a strikingly handsome male therapist and you’ll won’t regret it.

What is A Nuru Massage?

nuru massage performed using Nuru Gel which is 100% plant based, made from the pure extracts of three types of Dead Sea weed, aloe vera and grapefruit. The therapy is then performed on a bed with a waterproof sheet as it gets very slippery. We know a lot about nuru massages, and it’s certainly something that you will not forget in a hurry.

Nuru massages are performed by qualified and experienced masseurs, offering a relaxing, stimulating experience for everyone involved. The Nuru style incorporated powerful erotic, sexual contact and tantric massage to please each and every sense possible.
When you have this service at Tantric Soul, we will ensure you will be the centre of attention at all times. We will hit all the right spots and treat every inch of your body, from head to toe, with love and respect, deeply energising and rejuvenating you inside and out.

Nuru Massage London explained

Whilst you are showering, your scorching-hot male masseur will warm a special oil, derived from Japanese seaweed extract, with a texture and composition similar to lubricant. Then it’s time to get ready for a wet, wild and slippery sensation. A soft, velvety, plastic sheet is placed over the bed and generous amounts of the oil are applied to ensure total body coverage and a sensation of warmth, love and deep arousal.
Your masseur will perform a magnificent body-to-body-massage, ensuring every inch of your skin is touched and teased. It’s a luscious, liquid, feel-good experience that leaves you writhing in ecstasy and turned on to the max. You will abandon yourself completely to the strong, caring hands of your hunky masseur and without so much as a backward glance, the two of you will journey into the sultry realms of bodily pleasure.

There are plenty of online videos explaining Nuru speciality, but it’s much better to come and find out first hand just how magical this ride really is. Click here to book a Nuru massage in London.


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