A treatment that unlocks a whole new world of relaxation, healing and happiness, Indian head massage is sometimes just what the doctor called for. If you’ve been having regular  sessions, then this appealing treatment makes a wonderful complement. There’s nothing quite so soothing as a pair of trained hands, working their way around your head, applying pressure just where it’s needed and making you feel like a human being again. This ancient form of treatment uses what’s known as acupressure to target just the right parts of your head, neck, face and shoulders so that everything’s restored to a state of optimal balance.

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A practise that’s been passed down for centuries and millennia in India, it’s part of the Ayurvedic medicine concept. It’s thought that it was originally created to improve hair and scalp health and then, over the years, its other benefits became apparent. Indian head execution utilises strong and pronounced touch, so it’s not for you if you only like gentle strokes. You’ll experience circular manoeuvres on your scalp, along with neck stretches and glorious deep tissue technique on your shoulders. Sometimes, it makes the perfect accompaniment to getting a facial and it’s a wonderful way of looking after yourself or giving yourself that reward you deserve.

Indian head remedy uses the idea of ‘chakras’. In this case, it’s the three chakras of the higher echelon – the mind, body and spirit. And the benefits are amazing. If you’ve been experiencing migraines or common headaches and back pain, then all three will be addressed. In fact, the tension in your back, head and neck could be the cause of the headaches. Your Indian head massage professional will apply pressure to key areas in your upper back, arms and shoulders, usually at the start of the session. Muscles will be loosened up and knots released. The areas of tension that create blockages will be soothed and there will be improved circulation of your cerebral fluid. Say goodbye to those tiresome tension headaches right here and now. A case of good riddance to bad rubbish if ever there were one.

How an Indian Head Massage can help you

You’ll also benefit if you’ve suffered from depression, whether mild or debilitating. The cumulative tension, stress, aches and pains in our body contribute to a general lowering of mood. It’s often hard to join the dots and realise that your body is causing or else worsening your depression. Indian head analysis gets straight to work on this and, as your head and upper body are treated, so your depression should be either alleviated or lessened.

Who among us doesn’t love a head of healthy, luxuriant hair? The good news is that Indian head regimen stimulates the scalp and the hair follicles, helping them receive more oxygen and more nutrients. The end result? Better hair – especially helpful if you’ve been trying to grow yours.

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Lymphatic draining is improved, restlessness and insomnia are lessened and not only that – your memory gets a boost, too. That’s because Indian head slows down our thinking and all that clutter – those thoughts pinging around your head like a pinball machine that’s gone out of control – is calmed down. All in all, Indian head procedures, especially if paired with our London Services at Tantric Soul, is like your own personal ‘reset’ button.


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