Have you ever felt pleasure so exquisite, so breathtaking, so all-encompassing, you wondered if you were dreaming? Then you’ve probably had lomi lomi. But for the uninitiated, what exactly is this exotic-sounding treatment? Well, it’s the Hawaiian massage sensation that’s catching on all over the world. Lomi lomi  like a male tantric massage is a soothing, relaxing, refreshing experience. And the good news is that you don’t have to book the next flight to Maui. Lomi lomi is very much alive in London. It combines the spiritual with the physical to form an experience that’s truly out of this world, using special nut oils to create feelings you never knew you could have. Lomi lomi is sometimes referred to as the ‘loving hands’ massage technique. That’s because at its core, it’s all about applying the most loving touch possible to your muscles, using deep but gentle pressure, heavenly strokes and a nurturing love-energy.

Lomi lomi A Hawaiian Massage Available at Tantric Soul

Behind the practise of lomi lomi lurks the idea that our memories aren’t just filed away in the mind; they’re stored in our bodies, right down at cell level. When you book this treatment, your body will enjoy long, uninterrupted massage strokes that have been designed to help your physical being let go of those memories, along with unhelpful behaviour patterns. Just as we can bash ourselves about with day-to-day life, sports and gym, so our memories, our disposition, our thoughts and our behaviour can have an impact on our bodies. This is exactly where lomi lomi massage comes in. It’s the method that can heal your history.

The beauty of a Lomi lomi

The actual words ‘lomi lomi’ simply mean ‘rub rub’ in Hawaiian, and ‘rub rub’ is exactly what you’ll get, with a series of flowing strokes applied by the therapist, using his or her thumbs, palms, fingers and elbows. The nut oil applied to your body will usually be made up of coconut, palm and/or macadamia, and not only do these oils feel wonderful, they help the therapist apply the right strokes and they nourish your skin, too. During lomi lomi, you can expect a feeling of tension being released. It’s almost as if it leave your body and evaporates in the air above the massage  mat, like magic. Other benefits include improved blood flow and revitalised lymph glands, the elimination of toxins from your body, a sense of all-over, wraparound rejuvenation, and a wonderful feeling of harmony, peace, goodwill to others and general wellbeing. Lomi lomi’s benefits extend far beyond this. Indeed, a whole book could be written on the matter. It’s been used to still upset stomachs and even assist women going through labour.

At your appointment, you may well be asked to lie on the floor (or table) on a hand-woven, all-natural mat. The process beings with a moment of pure stillness as your therapist’s hands are rested on your body, not moving. Sometimes, a short prayer is recited by the specialist, asking for healing help from the universe. Then the process begins – rhythmic, flowing strokes will be applied to your body, from top to bottom. If your masseur starts to hum at certain points in the session, don’t be alarmed. He or she is simply tuning into the vibrations and energy in the space, and encouraging the removal of blockages in your system.


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