One of the strongest senses in the body is the sense of touch. A tantric body to body massage stimulates the whole body by keeping close, allowing your space to become filled with an erotic, spine-tingling service to tease every single inch of your body. A male tantric massage can lead to multiple long-lasting erotic tingles across your entire body, whilst your mind, body and soul relaxes and unwinds.

Tantric massage is sometimes also known as ‘sensuous massage’ or ‘erotic massage’ and it is powerfully therapeutic, easing the body of aches, pains and stiffness, and lessening the stresses and anxieties of the mind. After the experience, clients report that they leave with that ‘walking on air’ feeling and a deep serenity which they carry with them as they go about their daily lives.

How Does A Male Tantric Massage Work?

Imagine yourself cloaked in warm waves of healing love. That’s the tantric massage experience waiting for you, tenderly administered over a 60 to 90-minute appointment. True Tantric is just what you’ve been longing for — a feeling of rebirth, of healing, of passion and pleasure. Gay male tantric massage is an ancient practice, integrating the sacred, spiritual, sensual and physical. This profound and wonderful process has been passed down through the centuries and — because it enhances a person’s sensual and sensual vitality like nothing else — it has remained ever popular.

Whatever your body’s needs are, whatever its aches and pains, all will be addressed by a fully-trained and very beautiful man who’s clean-living, fit, healthy and muscular. All therapists are trained to impeccable standards to protect you from disappointment. Tantric Soul’s vetting process is designed to ensure that only first-class talents are able to practice. This means we have a selection of masseurs who not only look the part but who are also caring, conscientious, moral and considerate. Once you’re feeling the touch of these men’s hands, your bodies will unite, and you’ll recognise the quality. True Tantric  is ideal for you, no matter how you identify. Whatever your orientation, whether that’s gay, bisexual, heterosexual or other, you’re going to benefit from the unique healing pleasures of male hands in our massage session.

The Undressing Ritual Explained

For healing with a side serving of eroticism, this tantric massage experience is hard to beat, particularly because it allows you to experience your physical self in brand-new ways. Any lingering shyness or awkwardness will melt away as you give yourself over to it. At the very start of the appointment, you and your therapist undress. For all bookings over 90 minutes, an exclusive undressing ritual is included. For this ritual, you will be blindfolded. Then, your gorgeous masseur will slowly begin to take off each item of clothing currently adorning your body. Every strip-tease fantasy you’ve ever entertained will come to life. Our clients frequently tell us how much they enjoy the experience and that it’s become one of their favourite and unforgettable Tantric Soul moments. The feeling of being gradually divested of garments by a strong, manly man is simply second to none. Feeling those hot hands greedily taking off your clothes is guaranteed to send you into a spin.

Will Therapeutic Touch Be Included?

Life can be hard, and it certainly exacts a price on our minds and bodies. That’s why it’s so good to enjoy the Swedish and deep-tissue manoeuvres that follow the undressing. Your masseur will locate knots and other stressed areas of your body and deliver healing pressure and soothing strokes. Aches, stresses, pains and twinges will be identified and then lovingly treated. The sheer soothing power is simply too good to miss. Not only that, there’s a knock-on effect for the psyche, and you’ll feel relaxed and calm as built-up tension gradually melts away. Anxieties of both the present and past will lessen under your man’s magnetic touch. Your heart-rate and breathing will become more peaceful. The backdrop of gentle music and soft, scented candles only makes it all the more serene. Soon, your breathing will fall into sync with your therapist’s and the process of becoming one will begin. You’ll be on the same page, in absolute harmony with each other, and a feeling of real connection will be forged, with plenty of linger eye contact and love. On the plane of the spirit, your essences will merge as one.

What Does a Body to Body massage Feel Like?

As you feel yourself slipping into a place of pure togetherness with your masseur, he will then begin the main attraction — the Gay body-to-body massage . Utilising rituals and practices passed down through the centuries, your masseur will coat himself in warm oils so that when his body collides with yours, the sensations will be out of this world. There will be breathing rituals, designed to help you and your masseur become even more intimately connected, intense body contact and holding patterns in which your masseur will wrap himself around you, holding you in a powerful and very loving embrace (‘spooning’). All the mental static that’s been troubling you will vanish, and years of inhibition, worry, neuroses, panic, stress and brooding will become irrelevant as you allow yourself to be held in a place of absolute safety and respect. The benefits from this will stay with you indefinitely, especially if you make the experience part of your weekly or fortnightly routine.

What Are the Benefits of Chakra Energy Clearing?

Your body’s chakra energy fields need to be cleared every so often and your therapist will know how best to do it as he rocks you backwards and forwards in a stunning embrace; give yourself up to his love and you’ll feel so much better. A cleansing of the seven chakra energy fields is followed by body-to-body massage, made more sultry and erotic by the use of warm oils. This isn’t like the kind of  massage you may have had in the past. It’s upper echelon, with therapists whose training allows them to go further and do more for your overall wellbeing.

Thel benefits include lowered blood pressure, increased libido, and heightened awareness. Problems including premature ejaculation can become a thing of the past. Focus and concentration are improved and muscle tension relieved. Tantric erotic touch really is one of the kindest lifestyle choices you could possibly make — a gift to yourself that will keep on giving.

Once your therapist’s body is coated in an exclusive warm oil formula, he will glide over and around you in a figure of eight. Sensations for which there are simply no words will be all yours to enjoy. Just where you need it most is where your masseur will apply himself and no part of you will be left untouched or unloved. Our masseurs are particularly gifted in forming intimate connections and this means the feelings of pleasure will be so much more rapturous and real. You’ll be taken beyond yourself into realms of passion and contentment you hadn’t hoped were even possible. As the body-to-body work gathers pace, the heat in the room will slowly climb. Soon, you’ll be at that point of no return where release is imminent. Nothing can hold you back as you and your therapist enjoy lingering love explosions that leave your bodies spent and in a state of heavenly elation! True Tantric massage is designed to leave you fully reconditioned and refreshed, with health and wellbeing benefits that are guaranteed to last until your next appointment.
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