A complementary therapy that’s been gaining in popularity for some time now, reflexology is a treatment applied to your feet. The theory is that different sections of the feet correspond with different areas of the body. If you’re a regular attender of reflexology massage London, then it’s highly likely you already know a thing or two about reflexology, even if you haven’t yet tried it. But what about the person to whom it’s completely new, who may even be sceptical? Well, the simple truth is that they might benefit enormously from an open mind and an attitude of suspending contempt until they have fully investigated. Then, and only then, should they make up their mind. Reflexology massage isn’t a question of taking a leap of faith, either – there’s evidence for its efficacy.

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But what is it? Some think of it as a form of foot massage, but it’s not as simple as that. It’s a non-intrusive therapy which can be enjoyed by all ages, including those in palliative care. And while it is administered via massage, it uses a sophisticated system, whereby pressure is applied to the ‘reflex’ points on the feet. These correspond to other ‘reflex’ points all over the body. Sometimes, reflexology massage is known as ‘zone therapy’. It’s a holistic treatment that encourages the movement of energy through the patient’s nerve channels. After a session, your homeostasis (balance) is restored and you should experience a sense of wellbeing and renewal.

There are over 7000 nerve endings in the feet and every single one of them is a reflex point with a corresponding reflex point at another location of your body. Your therapist will use their fingers and thumbs, gradually bringing homeostasis back to your physical being. Reflex points are very small, so you’ll notice that the manoeuvres made by your therapist will be quite slight and specific, although the pressure will sometimes be strong and intense. One of the bonus side-effects of a reflexology massage in London is that your feet will also love the pressure and soothing touch, so even if you’re sceptical about reflex points, you still come away a winner.

How Can A Reflexology Massage London Help You!

Your reflexologist will try to locate imbalances in your reflex points. These are crystals – generally crunchy in consistency – which the therapist will wear down and disperse, thereby unblocking energy channels. Firm pressure is needed to sort them out and their visual manifestation is often discolouration of the skin, excess hard skin, bunions and marks. The therapist from our gallery will also take into account the level of moisture in the skin of your feet as well as their odour and temperature. All this provides information. You may need multiple appointments in order for the reflexes of your feet to be fully woken.

There’s evidence that, just like all massages, this therapy goes back millennia, possibly to the times of ancient Egypt. And if you’re interested, your therapist can show you the maps of the feet, giving you an insight into the reflex points and how they link up to other parts of your body (including internal organs such as the kidneys).

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