The great things about booking gay swedish massage via a reputable, long-established agency like Tantric Soul, is that you benefit from a brain-bank of knowledge and experience. If you have any questions about the therapies and treatments on offer, we can discuss them with you. Swedish massage is one of the full-body practices we’re pleased to offer. Everyone’s heard of it, but not everyone know what it means and what it entails.

What is a Gay Swedish massage

As is plainly evident, it’s a discipline from Sweden and has become the most widely practised of the Western massages. It’s been adapted in many ways and some of its manoeuvres are used in sports massage, aromatherapy massage and deep tissue. Where Asian massages tend to work on the notion of ‘energies’, Swedish massage is grounded in physiology and anatomy. Its noble aims are to sooth tight muscles, improve your range of motion, relieve aches and pains, stimulate blood flow around the body and refresh the circulatory system. Because it’s less extreme than deep tissue, it makes an excellent massage choice for beginners. If you book a 90-minute session, you’ll get the most optimal outcome. Remember, Tantric Soul practitioners have gone through a rigorous training programme and been carefully vetted. These international men meet stringent standards and you will enjoy spending time in their company (as they will enjoy meeting you).

How is the massage carried out?

A Swedish massage can be administered in different ways; gentle for first timers, or a bit more probing for more experienced clients. Chronic pain is likely to require several Swedish massage sessions in order to be lessened/alleviated. Your skin will be treated with specially formulated massage oils which allow for better strokes. The Swedish manoeuvres include friction, tapotement, petrissage, effleurage and nerve strokes/vibration work. These techniques increase the temperature of your muscle tissue, allowing tension to be released and knots to be eradicated. Make sure your therapist knows about any injuries and areas of particular pain/discomfort in advance. Tell him or her where you experience pain and tightness and what degree of pressure you would like.

Swedish massage is an effective way of promoting relaxation and calm. Your nervous system will be relaxed by the experience and you may also find that any lingering depression is reduced. You’ll enjoy improved blood circulation, better energy, fewer muscle cramps/spasms and less pain. All of this would pleased Per Henrik Ling, the Swedish physiologist working in the 1700s who is sometimes credited with founding the therapy. Over the years, his approach was combined with the work of Dutch specialist, Johan Georg Mezger, who came up with the French naming system for the different strokes.

During the early/mid-20th Century, Swedish massage went though various changes and amendments, eventually becoming a broad physiotherapy addressing the entire body. After a period of falling out of fashion, it began to recover its popularity in the 1970s and has never looked back. Today, it’s the most popular massage form. Gay massage London usually includes a Swedish massage element, but you can ask to be sure.

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