More and more people are enjoying the sensual pleasure of our Tantric Soul Mate service. It’s the ideal experience, both for newcomers and for people who love standard tantric massage and want to try the next level up. Consider everything you love about gay massage — the sweet sensations of a strong man’s body colliding with yours, the feeling of warm, loving hands caressing your nakedness, the soul-filled eye contact and the loving connection with another. Now times that by at least 100. That’s what the Tantric Soul Mate is like.

Tantric Soul Mate is a service offered by our exceptional masseurs, which means you’re getting the best of the very best. Our masseurs are in a class of their own, not only in terms of physical beauty/good looks, but also in terms of their experience, talent and client reviews. They are the finest of all, the titans; the most handsome men in the industry, with the most outstanding client reviews, capable of delivering a life-changing massage. They’re quite simply First Class.

Magical Boyfriend Experience

The masseurs offering the Tantric Soul Mate experience are open-minded, uninhibited sensualists who love what they do and know how to show it. When you book the service, you’ll be getting not just a boyfriend experience, but a falling-in-love experience, too. Think of all the things you most enjoy about Tantric massage; they’re all present and correct but delivered with an even more loving touch. You’ll enjoy a tantalising undressing ritual at the start of your appointment. This’ll have your senses excited in no time. Let your strong, strapping therapist blindfold you, an act which establishes mutual trust and, by shutting down one sense, brings all the others to the surface. Feel his hot hands greedily handling you, removing one item of clothing slowly and carefully, until you’re completely naked, just as your masseur is.

Swedish and deep-tissue massage, delivered by men who’ve accumulated the most experience and know just how to take you to your sweet spot — that combination of relaxation and arousal — will follow. You’ll want to groan with pleasure as every last ache, stress, strain and pain is soothed and kneaded by loving hands. And this is only the beginning. The Tantric Soul Mate experience involves a meeting of the souls. All therapists offering this service are noted for their ability to connect on a level of the heart. They’re experts at intimacy, which is why they’re able to forge a connection of trust and love with you quite quickly. As a result, hang ups and inhibitions go out of the window as you and your gorgeous, rugged man take off on a magical journey of the feelings.

The Best Massage from Tantric Soul

Thanks to a serene ambience — gentle music and flickering vanilla candles — you’ll feel calm and stimulated at one and the same time. When the body-to-body phase of the experience begins, you won’t believe what’s in store. Your masseur will coat his hard, muscular body with a warm oil formula, allowing for the best possible sensations of skin on skin as he rubs himself against you, giving it you just where you want it, pressing his hot physicality right into you again and again, until you’re not sure if you can take all that pleasure. But you can. It’s just too good for words. And you know you both want it. In a figure-of-eight formation, he will glide against you. Thanks to the oil, there’s just the right amount of friction, just enough to send you close to the edge. But it’s not time yet, and your masseur will pull you back, letting you linger in the pre-release zone for just a little while longer. After all, why end this beautiful journey any earlier than is strictly necessary?

When the time comes, you and your Adonis-like masseur will gradually move towards the point of no return. Look into his eyes as he attends to your pleasure, with nothing else on his mind but your satisfaction. Feel your body readying itself for an eruption of pure love as the two of you reach glorious release. Soon, the only sound in the room is that of happy sighs and intense breathing. When your Tantric Soul Mate experience comes to an end, you’ll enjoy a long, lingering afterglow, taking you well into the following week. No wonder this service is so well-loved. It has benefits for the mind, the body and the spirit, enhancing your performance in every area of life, and improving your relaxation levels for days to come. Making a Male massage booking could not be easier simply click onto our bookings page where you can fill out a user-friendly form or you may Call, Text or WhatsApp us on +44(0)7964 770 330.


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