Surrender your body completely to a powerful and sensual masseur with our new Tie and Tease fantasy Gay massage London. Everyone has a submissive side — explore yours in the presence of a handsome, well-built and stud-like man and let him take you on a steamy ride of fantasy and excitement. He’ll make you stand to attention, blindfolded and subservient, as goosebumps dance on your skin and your body quivers in sweet arousal.

Do you love a man — not just any man, but a handsome, strong, fully-trained erotic masseur — taking charge of the situation and putting you firmly under his control? Then you’re going to love the stud-fantasy experience of a Tie and Tease fantasy massage. This begins with a luxurious, undressing. You’ll be ordered to stand up and get ready. Hear the dominant tone in your masseur’s voice as he tells you just what to do and when to do it. Bit by bit, you’ll be ordered in no uncertain terms to surrender yourself and your body to a powerful man who holds it over you. The Tie and Tease massage experience is not only popular with gay men, bisexual and heterosexual men frequently tell us that the experience of having another man in charge of them in an erotic environment is remarkably refreshing and even healing.

What’s involved in the tie and tease fantasy massage

You’ll be blindfolded and, as you lose one sense, the others will come tingling to life. Feel yourself quiver in delicious anticipation of what’s to come. Enjoy that little bit of fear as you come out in goosebumps, just wondering what’ll happen next. Mingled into this mix of astonishing feelings will be a sense of tantalising arousal as you feel your sensuality come to life. A pair of vigorous hands will arrange the blindfold, making sure it’s firmly in place. Every last stitch of clothing will be removed from your eager body so that you and your masseur are both completely nude.

Muscular and dominant

Your Tie and Tease masseur is not only muscular and dominant, he’s also a stern authoritarian, brooking no arguments or challenges to his authority. But, of course, he’s also loving and wants what’s best for you. If you let him have control of your very senses, there’ll be abundant rewards. He will give you immense pleasure, so good you’ll wonder if you’re imagining it. And he comes with an array of big, big tools, including handcuffs, a whip and other devices of domination, all of them designed to send you over the edge and into new oases of pleasure. If you’ve been longing to experience some subservience, you’re going to love every little thing he does to you. When you’re obedient and well-behaved, following his instructions and not challenging his iron rule, he’ll make it up to you later by treating your body to wonderful deep-tissue and Swedish work. During your fantasy massage, he’ll lavish you with love, showing you how much he cares by working you over with his hands and body.

Straight on to body to body massage

And before you know it, he’ll coat his hard muscles with a warm oil formula, and treat you to a body-to-body massage, pressing his physique into you, gliding and caressing, paying attention to every single part of your body; yes, that’s right — every single part. Nothing gets overlooked and your pleasure is key. The rewards he’ll give you for having been a good, subservient boy, are well worth it, because when the time comes, he’ll make sure that you have a love explosion like no other. He’s going to see to that personally.

Tie and Tease at Tantric Soul

Your Tantric Soul dominant masseur is a strong yet loving authoritarian who won’t take no for an answer. You must give yourself over to his control and let him take charge of your senses and sensuality. He knows just what he’s doing and your pleasure gives him pleasure. He comes equipped with a big toolbox of dominant devices, designed to awaken and tantalise your every sense, whetting your sensual appetite until your hungry, naughty and provocative side comes alive.

Only the best massages available from Tantric Soul

You’ll be welcomed with a full-body, deep-tissue or Swedish massage. Once you’re utterly relaxed and at ease with your masseur, he will blindfold and handcuff you and work you over using additional dominant equipment. Then he’ll really turn the heat up by performing a mind-blowing body-to-body massage, gliding and pressing his oiled physique into yours, using a figure-of-eight formation and exploring every part of you, with nothing left out.

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