Think you’ve had the very best? Think again, because Ultimate is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most erotic, luxurious, pampering and passionate massage experience in the world. It’s the platinum-plated, Rolls-Royce service that manages to squeeze a lifetime’s worth of pleasure into 60 to 90 minutes and one of those services that suits both seasoned clients and newcomers alike. The Ultimate Gay Tantric Massage is tailored to your requirements, down to the tiniest detail, and is ideal for all kinds of men. More and more men are discovering that male hands can work wonders because they have an innate understanding of the male body, its pleasure zones, its wants and its needs.

What’s included in the Ultimate Tantric Gay Massage?

The Ultimate Soul Mate is an all-inclusive BFE service offered by our open-minded masseurs. Our masseurs are those who’ve got the best talent, the best bodies, the most handsome faces and the most positive client feedback. They’re Adonis-like specimens of virile manhood and their beauty is unsurpassed. These are men with powerhouse bodies, Hollywood looks, the most refined massage skills and feedback ratings off the charts. Whichever range you choose from, you’ll be getting uncommonly gifted men who aren’t just great to look at, they’re magical to be touched by. You will find their caresses, their embraces, their longing looks and lingering eye contact quite breathtaking. One of the secrets of these men’s talents is their ability to connect on the level of the heart, the mind and the body. They’re intelligent, caring, sensitive, and strong, and the experience you have with them will be both soothing and tempestuous, with pressure applied just where you yearn for it.

The Breathing, undressing and shower rituals explained

Your Ultimate Tantric Soul Mate journey beings with a ten-minute bathing ritual. Allow yourself to be drenched in hot water while the strapping masseur of your choice joins you. Feel him wrap himself around you as the bubbles caress your skin. Your bathing ritual can take place in either a shower or a bath, depending on your preference. If you like being soaped up by a rugged, well-built guys, then you’re going to be in sensual heaven. This experience will be mutually enjoyable, frisky and fun.

Once you emerge from your bathing ritual, you will be led by the hand to the Tantric Suite where the rest of the appointment take place. All Ultimate Gay Tantric masseurs are utterly without inhibitions or hang ups and they’ll help you to be the same. Any pent-up worries and niggles that haven’t already melted away during the bathing ritual will begin to evaporate as your body, still tingling from the water, is now treated to luxuriant Swedish and deep-tissue work. Wherever you have aches, knots, pains and twinges, some strong, manly hands will now set to work on easing them. Don’t feel embarrassed if you start moaning with sheer pleasure. It’s music to your masseur’s ears and a sign that he’s got you right where he wants you, where the best work takes place. Gently flickering candles offering up gorgeous scents, along with soothing background music, will provide the perfect setting for a loving connection. Once the stunning strokes have got you into a profoundly relaxed state, it’s time to change up the energy levels with the main event; the body-to-body massage.

The application of the mind-blowing gay tantric massage experience

This is when your muscular, masculine masseur will smooth a warm oil formula all over his naked body. Watch as he coats himself in the slick, glistening oils, designed to maximise the sensations that are about to be delivered right into you. Using a figure-of-eight formation, your masseur will now tend to you with a hungry, all-encompassing passion, gliding over you, balancing on his powerful forearms. Feel electric bolts of passion going into you, penetrating to the core. Again and again, you’ll feel your masseur’s naked skin making music as it connects with you, with a power and force that is beyond erotic. As your breath quickens, you’ll notice that it’s in sympathy with his. Your very essences are mingling and the two of you are coming together, locked in a heated embrace. You’ll feel yourself nearing the edge as your masseur addresses every single part of your naked body, leaving nothing, absolutely nothing, out. He will let the two of you linger in that zone of almost unbearable pleasure, before the dynamic release occurs and the liquid passion overcomes you both.

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