You might wonder why these two things go together. And, at first, it’s not necessarily obvious. On the one hand, there’s dating. It’s a ritual of modern life that is simply unavoidable if you’re seeking to be in a long-term partnership. But it’s not easy. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult just to relax and be yourself when you’re meeting up with someone for the first time. The more you strive to be yourself, the more uptight and artificial you come across. It’s intensely frustrating. At the end of the hour, you and your date part ways, neither of you particularly impressed with the other. It can lead to feelings of anti-climax and let-down. You might even swear off the whole dating thing and go back to a life of no-strings flings. But there is a way to make dating on the contemporary gay scene much easier.

Having a massage before a date

Incorporating gay massage into your day to day life can have an enhancing effect on your dating experiences. Try booking a one-hour to 90 minute session of this deluxe treatment and scheduling it so that it takes place just before your next date. Ideally, you want to arrange it so that you leave your massage appointment and go straight to your date. All being well, you will notice several improvements; you will be much more relaxed, you’ll find it easier to make eye contact, conversation will be less stilted and you will be less concerned with what your date thinks of you which is, after all, a rather pointless pursuit, since one can never truly know what another person thinks. You will also find it easier to take an interest in your date’s life and activities. But just how can all these improvements be possible?

psychological benefits of a gay massage

The reason that this luxurious, touch-based treatment can improve a person’s dating experiences is because in addition to a series of physical benefits, it also unlocks an array of mental ones. The human body is an extraordinary thing. All it takes is for it to be touched in the right place and certain hormones are triggered. When the nerve cell receptors under the skin get touched a certain way, dopamine and serotonin, the ‘happy’ hormones’, get issued into the body. This can prompt a lift in the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can ease the stress you’ve accrued through the week. The specific kind of tantric treatment available is broken down into parts; Swedish, deep-tissue and body-to-body massage. Even long-term problems that might have troubled you for years get relieved. For example, clients report a lessening in internalised homophobia. In other words, they feel better about themselves and lose the negative connotations associated with their orientation. The treatment also leaves clients with better concentration and higher levels of calm. It’s no wonder tha that this leads to improved dating. Problems as serious as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be eased simply by letting a fully qualified practitioner treat you with his hands and body. From insomnia to irritability, from fatigue to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder… all these things and more can be treated by gay massage. You then arrive at your date firing on all cylinders, feeling great about yourself, full of energy and in an optimal state for connecting to other men.

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