Fluid Sexuality?

It has slowly dawned on me, and quite embarrassingly so after 30 odd years, that sexuality is not something that can be easily placed into neat little boxes. The more I know people the more I realise that most of us are quite fluid with our sexuality and sexual identity. A person for example may be attracted to women for much of their life, but gradually experience increased attraction to men. Or in fact a person’s fluid sexuality may compel them to be attracted to men for months at a time and then equally experience attraction to both men and women for a period and then feel zero attraction to both and so on. This is what I call ‘Fluid Sexuality’.

No longer do I use the age-old LGBT etc tags so readily when shamelessly labelling those around me. I did find myself guilty of judging my neighbours, making up stories in my head about who they are and how they live their lives. But now, with my ever-increasing knowledge and experience in this industry I much prefer not to label people’s sexuality at all. Why limit each other’s potential? Are we not more than the stereotyped sticky labels that society forces upon us? 

Though attitudes and values toward sexuality are ever-changing here in London, there is still a lot of shame and stigma directed towards those who may exhibit a slightly different, more ‘perverted’ sense of sexuality. People will often choose to suppress attractions and desires rather than fulfil and satisfy them, lest they be labelled and marked an outsider. It is always difficult to swim against the flow. And with so many people swimming in one direction, how could we ever tell our family and friends the truth?  Would they understand desires and fantasies of being touched by a man who knows his way around male anatomy as if it were his own? To be stroked and massaged by a skilled sensual masseur whose only job is to please and pamper you. No strings, no judgements. No drama? Not many people can understand sexuality in these fluid terms.

I would just like to add however that not everyone experiences the same amount of sexual fluidity as the next and of course some do not experience it at all, attracted to only one sex their whole life. But I would put up a pretty hefty wager that the majority of adults could be classed as sexually fluid at some point in their life. Most people will openly condemn what the world calls ‘perverted’, shouting their disapproval from the rooftops, but in private where no-one can see they are willing slaves to their own sordid predilections and kinky fetishes. 

As for me, I suppose the best course of action is to not only keep judgements to myself but to rearrange my mind’s pathways in such a way as to stop the judgements before they have even hatched. Years and years of being taught a particular ethos has undoubtedly fashioned my perceptions and judgements a particular way. But as with sexuality, I have come to realise one’s life can never be placed neatly into boxes either, and so a rearranging of previously held ideas and perspectives is necessary if I truly seek self development. If like life, sexuality is as fluid as it appears to be, then I also want my understanding of it to be as fluid as possible, ever-changing, always open to new ideas, thoughts and experiences. The last thing I want is to become stagnant and complacent with the very few things I have already learned in life to the detriment of the many countless things I still have yet to learn. 


Sexuality and Gay Tantric Massage

Gay Tantric Massage Therapy like sexuality is a fluid process ever flowing toward a destination overflowing with pure ecstasy and Joy. Tantric breathing rituals intertwined with sensual Tantric holding positions take you on a journey of self re-discovery. Your sexual energy will be manipulated, aroused, subdued and released with pure precision. Particular attention paid to your every breath and quiver. Sexual energy will flow throughout your body, mind and soul, revitalising your sexual prowess giving you a newness of life. During your Gay Tantric Massage you will no longer think about what label you might be or how the world outside sees you, instead you will be in a state of pure bliss, living in the moment, enjoying the combined pleasures of both body and soul. Instead of worrying about your sexuality you will live it and take pleasure in it for as long as you need. 

We at Tantric Soul understand how difficult and daunting it can be to book a gay massage in London, which is why our masseurs are specially selected to be sensitive and sympathetic toward any preference you might have. We are probably London’s most non-judgemental gay massage agency, having nearly 10 years experience in the industry, serving many new and returning clients, both international and from the UK. Why not Contact our friendly and professional Bookings team to discuss your next Erotic Tantric Body-to-body session? Rest assured you will never be stereotyped or pigeonholed into neat little boxes but rather treated on an individual basis with the respect and dignity you deserve. Allow Our Bookings Manager Judas to be your personal Concierge and enjoy the very best Tantric Massage in London, gay or not.

What Now? 

Sometimes we can all be guilty of thinking way too much about things… Don’t be that person today. Take control, accept your fluid sexuality and embark on your next sensuous journey, one of erotic proportions… Book Today!




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