The beginning of any relationship is always a bit magical. Even though a relationship doesn’t always replicate the ideal portrayed in the popular romantic films, it will most likely be very adventurous, filled with fun bedroom activities, romantic date nights and all those lovely ideas well portrayed in adult films. The sad part is that it’s so easy to fall into a relationship rut and forget that you have to make time and effort to create a meaningful bond in your relationship!
But what to do in this tricky situation? Here are some useful tips to help you back on track! As massage specialists, we will definitely recommend the great pleasure that is tantric massage for couples but before that…

The cool idea: make the most of your time together

Life gets hectic and there is never enough time for fun activities. It’s not a problem when you are single or in a fwb type relationship, but for some monogamous couples, lack of time might become a big issue and a real headache. Of course, you know that your SO is your number one priority, but does he know that? Or if he’s left wondering if your job, goals and other things are more important in your life? Don’t let those mundane tasks get in the way and destroy all romance in your life! Just find the tasks that could be done as a fun date idea rather than a chore. Maybe start shopping in a local farmers market instead of a supermarket and have fun looking for seasonal goods while planning your next meal? Maybe start working out together (in a gym… work out in the gym! I bet you guys already have a lot of cardio in bed… or heavy lifting… sorry got carried away)? Just find a way to include your beloved one into your daily activities and enjoy the chance to be together.

The warm idea: plan a way to break from your usual routine

What does your time together look like? Maybe it is a typical dinner-and-a-movie date night or “your place or my place” type scenario? Some routines are great and might be suitable in most cases, but don’t forget that sometimes you also need a spontaneous break from the usual routine. This is where some creativity might come handy. Just think outside the box: brunch, karaoke, or a long walk at the park might also work as a date, but it will feel very different. What is more, you don’t have to choose something expensive to have fun either. There are plenty of cheap outings together without breaking the bank! Out of ideas? For the love of God, let me Google that for you “date ideas for gay couples! And here you have it, now everything you have to do is to move that hot body and take your SO to do something fun together!

The hot idea: announce a Tech-Free Day and stay in bed all day (and all night)

Do you remember the times when the two of you just started your relationship and could spend all your time in bed just chatting, cuddling, gossiping, laughing at those inside jokes of yours and doing much more *wink wink*? It is about time to replicate that special period by planning some time for just the two of you. No chores, no difficult topics and no tech devices allowed! Just take the day off and spend a lazy afternoon (or a whole day) in bed, you will notice the difference instantly. Reminiscing about all the naughty things you’ve done to each other and places you’ve been together will bring you closer and will help you feel the thrill that might be lost in the routine.

The sizzling hot idea: explore your boundaries together

Are you a monogamous couple? How about giving some thoughts about your inner boundaries and becoming monogam-ish? Nothing too crazy at the beginning! You can start by maybe getting a naked male massage or go on a double date and exchange some looks with those hotties at the other side of the table.

To spice things up, you can test your boundaries and come up with some hot stories about what “could be done” with someone you both know and admire (yes, your favourite actor or singer might do the trick) and what it would be like to have him in your bedroom as a guest.

Finally, gay oil massage or tantric massage for couples could be something fun to try as a couple and ignite your fire while watching your loved one being touched by a professional massage therapist. The sensation you will receive from witnessing this act might be a very arousing experience! Just imagine watching this in action while knowing that this is a safe environment, you can enjoy your own massage experience and totally surrender into these mixed feelings of pleasure and jealousy. If you choose a therapist who is experienced in providing tantric massage for couples, you will know that you are in safe hands.

How do I find some hot naked male massage offers in my area? Once again, your trusty friend Google comes to the rescue! Just search for “adult massage near me” and be amazed about how easy it is to experience naked male massage and explore your boundaries, newfound feelings and create wonderful memories together as a couple. Or why not get your massage with us? Check out our tantric massage and allow yourself to experience more as a couple.


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