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Welcome to Tantric Soul! Happy Pride 2018!- London's best reviewed, five-star, body-to-body and tantric massage company for Gay, Bi-sexual and curious men and women. Please call, text or Whatsapp us +44(0)7964 770 330 in complete discretion. Tantric Soul is British owned and British run. We cover all areas inside the M25
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Gay Escorts London

It's about the body and the mind. It's hot and it's hard. Our handsome guys bring you something quite unlike the shoddy, fly-by-night exchanges that gay escorts London usually offer. They can take on a variety of roles and boy do they like to play. When you book one of our London masseurs, you're unlocking the door to a playground of the senses, a place where you can both explore each other's passionate depths and yearnings. For in-calls, out-calls, dinner dates (two hours for dinner with an hour for private time afterwards), overnight bookings, weekends away or a few hours of pleasure, they're brilliant company.

The best gay London escorts you can imagine!

Strong, sensual, intelligent, open-minded and good-looking - these are just some of the attributes we look for when we're picturing gay escorts in London. Too often, however, what we end up with men who merit an entirely different set of adjectives - stringy, monosyllabic, sullen, plain, scrawny and riddled with God-only-knows-what. That's why it makes such an ocean of difference to choose your agency carefully, going for quality rather than quantity. From the moment you place your telephone call, you should be able to assess the worth of the establishment with whom you're making contact. If the person answering the phone is polite and sentient, then you're off to a good start. Gay escorts in London come in all shapes and sizes and a decent agency will offer you a carefully curated selection of men to suit you, rather than just bombarding you with 250 online profiles and leaving you to do the heavy lifting.


At Tantric Soul, our BFE men are confident in any social context or environment and they enjoy what they do, so you're never in any danger of being with someone who goes through the motions or gives you a perfunctory performance. They are clean-leaving, healthy, bright-eyed and intelligent men, blessed not only with magazine looks and world-beating bodies but also capable of calling upon huge reserves of passion and playfulness, all with the sole aim of giving you a time to remember - an oasis of joyful abandon in an otherwise arid desert.

Whatever the season book a gay escort in London

Although the coming of summer is reason to be glad - jubilant, in fact - one thing many of us have to prepare ourselves for is the post-holiday slump, that empty, near-desolate feeling which descends when we return home from sunny climes. Given that London in summer is unpredictable at best, it could be that we return to drizzle and grey skies, making that sorrowful feeling all the more intolerable. But there's a surefire method for blitzing the blues; organise something fun and enjoyable for the day after your flight home. This is where gay escorts in London come in incredibly handy. Schedule a get-together well in advance so you know it's in the diary and you can ensure that the post-holiday doldrums don't get the better of you.


Whether you're exploring the abundant pleasures of Mykonos, the olive groves and beaches of Taormina or the beautiful harbours of Cap Ferrat, you could be in for a very nasty emotional slump when your flight touches down back in grizzly old Angleterre. Everything you once loved will, for a while, take on a grey and dreary pallor, bereft of joy and stripped of merriment. That's why you need to plan ahead. Before you depart for your vacation, pencil in a handful of things for the first two weeks you're back in London. A theatre trip, a escorts, a friends' catchup and - most crucially - some quality time with gay escorts London. These plans will bear fruit when you come back and find that, unlike all the times before, you actually enjoy being home. This is not what usually happens. Cast your mind back to previous years and you'll easily be able to recall those times when, the day after you arrived home, you felt utterly desolate, putting on a suit and getting through the miserable slog of another pointless day. Remember the grey, careworn faces you saw on public transport and the way everyone looked just as miserable as you felt, because you were viewing them through the prism of your own dispiritedness.

Book a gay escort London today!

It need never be like that again. Now you know one of the simplest, most easy to implement solutions. Just a little forethought and you can hold on to that holiday feeling when you return. It won't only benefit you; your optimism and good-naturedness will rub off on others, creating ripples of good feeling that will have untold positive consequences, felt far and wide. It's up to every human being to make his or her little patch of the planet a nicer, kinder place and - armed with this little bit of wisdom - you will now be doing more than most people to achieve just that.

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