No Tricks, Just Tantric Treats this Halloween

Whilst everyone around us gears up for the freakishly fabulous spectacle that is Halloween why not indulge your darker side and book a M2M sensual Erotic Tantric Tie and Tease session with one of our devilishly delectable masseurs. Imagine a warm, scented candle lit room, you laying on the bed gently tied down and blindfolded. Completely at the will and control our the masseur. Restricted both in sight and movement your senses will be heightened allowing you to really take pleasure in each gentle stroke and sensual glide of the Masseur. As the anticipation rises you can either choose to remove blindfold and restraints or leave them on as you are blissfully ushered to another realm in an explosion of pure ecstasy. Please note: Tie and Tease bookings are quite similar to the more classic Tantric Massage bookings apart from the blindfold, restraints, lots of teasing and dominance from the Masseur. However if you have a particular preference or fantasy please do let us know. We are very happy to listen to each request and we will do our best to accommodate. 

No tricks just Tantric Treats

You wont need to worry about any shady tricks or unwanted surprises. There will be nothing but an abundance of tantalising Tantric treats in store for you. Each Masseur must pass a stringent list of requirements before they can be a part of Tantric Soul. From manner and hospitality to location and quality of apartments to of course their mesmerising m2m massage skills. If you are looking for a professional and reliable service then look no further. Our friendly yet professional Booking’s Manager Judas will do all that he can to ensure that you receive the massage of your dreams. We are always happy to receive feedback both positive and negative, as we always strive to improve our service for our clients. The last thing we want is for you have a harrowing experience, Halloween or not. Nothing is hidden in the shadows at Tantric Soul..unless…you want to wear that blindfold of course. You just let us know… 

Don’t forget however that the treats of Tantric massage are not just limited to pure self indulgence. Yes is satisfies a need in man that is as old as it is strong but not only that, it is proven to have a positive effect on both our health and mood…that’s right…Tantalising Tantric Treats for all aspects of your life..!!

Far from scary, we can offer you a soothing and teasing massage in a non-judgemental, safe environment with the emphasis on pleasure and eroticism rather than terror and horror. 

Get in touch with our Bookings Manager Judas, to discuss your particular needs this Halloween. You can make your booking Here.

 Tantric Treats from all at Tantric Soul 




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