So this is it. You thought it would last forever but now you are all alone with so many bad feelings and no idea of how to move forward. I bet you’ve heard all the cheesy quotes like “he will never find someone as special as you” or “there are plenty of fish in the sea” already. You ARE special and this IS their loss! But at the moment those kind words might not be as comforting as intended. That is why here are some tips that might help to overcome the trauma and help you get back on your feet. Yes, we obviously suggest a good dose of erotic gay massage, but there are a bunch of other ideas for you to consider, too. 

Gather all the support you can, they are your tribe for a reason

Let’s think about your breakup as any physical injury. Medically that is quite a similar situation except you wouldn’t think about beating yourself up for not going to the gym after, say, breaking your leg. If you could extend the same kindness for going through an emotional injury that would be much easier to overcome the whole situation. Also, you feel no shame in telling your friends that you have a broken leg, don’t you? So, remember that you can always count on your loved ones to help you through the painful breakup. Just give yourself the same grace when healing from having your heart broken and share your problems with some trusty friend or family members. It is most likely they will always feel sorry for you and get you. What is more, try to go out with your friends and family and not let that loneliness get to you. You never know what pleasant surprises might be waiting for you out there!

Good old rebound to the rescue

Talking about pleasant surprises — a dark mysterious stranger might be out there waiting for you. And there’s nothing wrong in having a rebound…or two. Rebound is a pleasant distraction that could be based on infatuation as well as a common goal to have some fun. Just remember to be honest with yourself (there is a good chance that your rebound is not “the one”) as well as the other party involved. Honest communication is always a good idea, but letting your rebound know that you aren’t ready for anything serious is an absolute must.

Not sure if you are ready for a rebound? There is one thing that could be very beneficial in the beginning — a gay happy ending massage. It might be a safe space for you to reconnect with yourself, to feel the touch of a handsome guy (that is not your good-for-nothing ex) again as well as to remind yourself that orgasming feels great, even if you technically don’t know the guy performing the m4m massage.

One more tip before you start a hunt for your perfect rebound partner: allow yourself to have a ton of quality “me” time so that you could have the focus back on yourself. No matter if you find a newer, hotter and funnier guy today or if you will stay alone for some time, make the most of it.

Oh, and maybe consider not posting your new rebound guy all over social media. You will find out why (you’ll thank us later).

Give yourself a break

It is always a great idea to change the scenery! But in the case of an and ugly breakup it might be especially useful. Just don’t forget you don’t have to do anything you are not into at the moment and choose what type of getaway would be perfect for you! Whether it will be a nice city tour or a road trip with some close friends, you will soon find out that travelling has some therapeutic properties. You will most likely feel way different after you are back from your adventure and that is a great way to heal a broken heart (at least for some time).

Allow Mother Nature to be your ally

Remember the analogy between a breakup and a physical injury? The similarities are real and both can be healed with some time and help form your natural healing mechanisms. Just allow Mother Nature to be on your side and try to get plenty of sleep, stay active and eat well. Take care of yourself as well as you can and you will soon feel much better.

What is more, effective remedies can be found in nature itself. If you are a bit of a nature-lover, allow those natural healing properties to do the trick by being closer to nature. Rent yourself a nice cabin or go on a long hike — anything to keep your mind occupied as well as your body moving. Feeling one with nature, remembering your roots and just doing what you love will do wonders for your body and soul!

A bit of luxury might do the trick

Not into nature and outdoors? Long tiresome hikes only give you blisters and no happy thoughts? Or even worse, those strolls in the park only remind you of that sneaky bastard that had your heart broken? No nature for you, my friend! We should rather have a long relaxing spa getaway in a nice hotel to pamper you and soothe your soul. In this scenario you may even include erotic gay massage into your plans and allow those strong muscular hands to ease your pain. When was the last time you have been touched? You may not feel like starting any new relationship at the moment (neither sexual nor platonic) just because of a fear of being hurt. Yet erotic gay massage can offer best of both worlds: you will be reminded that there is nothing special in the touch of your good-to-nothing ex (trust us, massage therapists can do it way better!) and no icky feelings that might come when you leave a long term partnership and are touching a new person in an erotic way.

So now you have a plan of what to do next. So, wipe the tears from that beautiful face of yours and start your healing process! And if you feel like erotic gay massage is something that might do the trick, or if you wish to check you feelings before getting back to the dating scene, you can book your first erotic gay massage with us.


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