Hi Benny! Can you tell us about your first client experience?

I remember vividly my first client. I remember it was on a Friday afternoon when he arrived in my studio flat in Sloane Square. I was very nervous and tense prior to his arrival. But when I opened the door and he came in, I could tell he was also as nervous as I was. I explained to him that he was my first ever client. And he also told me this was his first experience too. That made me more relaxed, and I gave him an amazing male tantric massage for 60 minutes.
I could tell from his face and body language that he was pretty pleased with the service I had given him. There was sheer joy in his eyes and he seemed to be in heaven. He told me he’d be back and, in fact, he became a regular client and someone whose life was genuinely enhanced and improved by my treatment.

Do you like working for Tantric Soul?

Working for Tantric Soul is an honour. There’s a plethora of other massage practitioners around. But working for Tantric Soul means working at another level entirely. The calibre of clients we get from Tantric is very much higher compared to most other places around and the level of service we provide is similarly elevated. It’s easy to find average, run-of-the mill places; they spring up everywhere. I’m delighted that I work for a company that is better in practically every conceivable way.


Tell me more about you and why I might choose you?

I am Benjamin but everyone calls me either Ben or Benny. I am a very polite and friendly guy with a great physique. I am also very reliable and I always prioritise the client’s satisfaction by giving them a bespoke massage experience in a very conducive environment. If you choose me for gay tantric massage, you will get an experience that is original and intense. I don’t simply follow a script or template, I tailor everything I do on the fly so that it’s ideal for that particular client. I like to think I can open up a new world of fantasy and fulfilment for everyone who comes to see me and that the benefits they enjoy will go on long after the session has ended. Why shouldn’t it be like that?

Do you enjoy working as  masseur?

I do enjoy this job a lot. I have been doing gay massage London treatments for almost three years now and I still haven’t lost a bit of interest in it. I do enjoy the fact that I get to meet so many people from different backgrounds, different sexual orientations and cultures. This job has indeed made me a very open-minded individual. And the great thing about that is that I can help others become open-minded, too, so I really feel as if I’m making a difference. It’s quite wonderful to feel that degree of meaning in my work and to know that it’s not for nothing; it’s actually helping make lives happier, healthier and more fulfilled. That pleases me a lot, I must say.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am an outgoing person but I equally like to be at home chilling sometimes. I love music so I like going to the club as I also like to dance. I have a passion for football, so I’m often watching football or playing it with mates. I do enjoy travelling, shopping, photography and hanging out with friends. Of course, there are other kinds of relationship, but I think friendship can be the most enduring, the most meaningful, the most loving. I’m fortunate enough to have friendships that go back a long way as well as newer ones. I’m always adding to my friendship circle, meeting new people, finding new ways to connect. Of course, my work also involves is a form of intense connection, too, so that sense of connecting with people is something that flows from my working life to my private life and then back again, like a circle.


What’s your favourite holiday destination, food and drink?


I don’t really drink alcohol, so my favourite drink will be apple juice. That sounds boring I know but hey, what can I say? I’m a big fan of Thai, French and Italian cuisine. My favourite destination is Miami, Florida. There is nothing more relaxing than strolling down Ocean Drive as the sun goes down, after a wonderful day of swimming and sunbathing. Miami is, to my mind, more interesting than the other parts of the States largely because of the Cuban flavour that pervades every street. It’s quite enchanting, really, and I try to go there as often as I can, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. Hiring a car and then spending a few days in the Keys is a lovely way of ending a trip.


Why did you decide to become a masseur ?


My decision to work as a masseur is pretty simple and straightforward. I find being a masseur a very lucrative business and I also love the flexibility it gives me. Then there’s the fact that it adds meaning to life. Providing male tantric massage is a wonderful thing to be able to do. I love the fact that through my talent and training, I can help restore someone’s zest for life. When I see a client who is particularly worn down or tired, I know, without question, that I can revolutionise his life and put the sparkle back into it. That’s both a responsibility and a blessing.


You meet another guy like you on the street, and he wants to become a male tantric masseur, what would you say to him?


I would tell them first for all, it’s not a career for everyone. So if the feel they would be very comfortable around people and that they are naturally tactile, then it could be a good career. But if they’re a cold fish and not someone who really likes other people, then they should stay away. It’s important that they try something else instead. This is wonderful work if your heart is really in it but, like everything, if you’re just marking time until you get paid, you won’t be any good at it and will simply serve to crowd the market unnecessarily.


What sets you apart from the other masseurs in the industry


Apart from having an amazing physique which I believe almost every masseur has, I am also bubbly, jovial and approachable. I pay very close attention to the client’s body and I always make my clients leave in a happier state than the one in which they arrived, and wanting to come back for more. It’s so important to throw yourself into the whole idea of making life better for other people. That’s what I feel I’m doing with this work and I do it whole-heartedly and with much, much joy.


How long have you been currently working as a masseur?


I have been working as a masseur for three years now and in that time I feel I’ve got better and better. Some people become more and more perfunctory, the longer they do something. I feel I have avoided that trap and, if anything, I’m more enthusiastic today than I was when I began. It’s only going to get better. I feel quite confident about that.


Do you go to the gym/exercise often?


Yeah, I always say the gym is like my second home. That’s how addicted I am. I try to work out between 4-5 times a week and it’s something I really have a passion for. Feeling my heart-beat increase and then enjoying the sensation of the burn as I work my muscles to go that bit further each time, is immensely satisfying. And it all pays off; I’ve never been fitter or healthier. The gym really is one of the most wonderful means of self-improvement that exists in the world. It also enables me to do my job more effectively, especially the body to body work that requires sustained energy and stamina.


Would you say there are any healthy gains that can be achieved through male massage?


We de-stress the clients after a long day at work. They need that to rejuvenate themselves for the next day ahead. They may be shattered and recovering from an enormous workload. With my skills, I can help ease their troubles and rest their mind.

We help them to explore their identities. Every client is different. Some may be a little uptight because they may never have experienced male massage before. My goal is for them to be entirely free of hang-ups after just one session. It’s doable and I would say I’m almost always successful in achieving it.

We make them feel very comfortable and the services we provide are highly discreet and confidential. That the client feel relaxed is of huge importance to me. I’m not doing my job properly if any client isn’t happy. Discretion is part of that. I see myself as a confidante for the client who may be sharing with me things, they don’t share with anyone else.

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