What was your first client like? Describe

Yes, I remember my first client with Tantric Soul very well. It was a very cold and wet evening in February when a man arrived with a big smile on his face. I was feeling a bit nervous until he told me that it was his first time, too. That made me more relaxed. In fact, I think it made both of us more relaxed and, after a little talk and half a glass of wine, the session went very smoothly. I managed to release his tensions and knots and, he left with that same big smile on his face, though even brighter. I reflected on the fact that it had been a real privilege to give someone his first experience of male massage.

Do you like working as a Tantric masseur?

I love my job and I can’t see myself doing anything else to be quite honest. The part which gives me the most satisfaction is at the end of the session when I look at the client and can feel his clear, refreshed energy and behold the look of pure happiness on his face. It’s from that moment that I know the person will go home feeling brand new, free of shame, guilt and tension. Realising that what I do has such physical and psychological benefits for the client is a real boost to my morale. I just love being in a position to help other men. And what I feel certain of is that there are knock-on effects I won’t even know about. For example, the positivity that I’m able to effect in a client will mean that he interacts differently with the other people in his life later that day. The positivity therefore ripples outward, to infinity. That’s the amazing thing about gay massage. London becomes a better, kinder place because of it.

What do you enjoy most about working for Tantric Soul?

Tantric Soul is a well-organised and trustworthy agency, with amazing clients. That’s probably why I love working for them. It’s a wonderful team to be part of; people who really care about what they do and care about doing it properly. It’s unusual, Most masseurs just do the bare minimum and nothing about what they do has the kind of heart-felt commitment to excellence that you get with Tantric Soul.

Tell me more about you and why I should choose you for a massage?

4. I’m not very good at talking about myself. I’m perhaps a bit shy, although once I’m behind closed doors, a complete transformation occurs and I become anything but shy. What I mostly hear from others is that I’m different from the rest of the masseurs in London. I have a unique way about me. I don’t like the idea of being in any way average, so I do my best always to be on top, delivering the best, most enjoyable experience possible for every client, going beyond their wildest dreams. From the moment a client steps into my Gay massage London based suite, I’m able to read his needs and then address them all with my approach. I want every client’s dreams and wishes to come true. That’s a promise. What’s the point of doing male massage unless you do it very, very well? My aim is to never waver in the pursuit of brilliance. I would like to think that everyone who comes to see me, leaves feeling on top of the world and in absolute control of their destiny. Empowering others is important to me.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my spare time, I enjoy going to Hyde Park, which is close to where I live. I love feeling connected to God and to nature. I will often do some meditation while I’m there, especially in the summer months when there are light evenings and fresh, bright mornings. I go to the gym every day, which I love, and I take care to eat healthily. Travelling abroad is one of my principal enjoyments in life but more than anything I enjoy this erotic profession of mine, male massage. In fact, I feel I’ve turned it into an art form and that with every client, I am involved in a creative process. The client’s body is like a canvas on which I draw, not just with my hands, but with my whole body. I certainly want each one of them to feel as if I’ve treated him like a priceless work of art.

What is your favourite cuisine/beverage/holiday destination?

My favourite drink is a daily concoction of green juices but when I’m out at night, I prefer Champagne. My favourite destination is somewhere warm with plenty of sunshine and beautiful blue seas… the Bahamas, Cancún, Thailand, Greece. With cuisine, anything goes. I’m a food lover and not at all picky. There’s really nothing I wouldn’t try and no one kind of cuisine that I prefer to another. I pride myself on being open-minded when it comes to restaurants, culture, travel and people. There’s value and worth in anything and everything, and it’s important to challenge one’s own prejudices and to overcome them.

Why did you decide to become a male Tantric massage therapist?

Massage has always been my hobby and one of the reason I decided to become a masseur is for the passion to help people to feel better. When I decided to pursue gay massage, London seemed the obvious place to do it. I knew I could take my talent to another dimension if I was in a busy capital city. And that really has turned out to be the case. The quality, not only of the agency but also of the clients, is tremendous. I have made incredible connections with all kinds of people and my decision to pursue this avenue of work has proved to be a very good one. I had always hoped I would spend my time doing something meaningful and now I am. I could not be happier to be on this path.

What would you say to other guys considering working in gay tantric massage?

I would definitely recommend and incentivise anyone who thinks they might have a passion for male massage. If you’re someone who likes helping people to feel better, then this could be for you. And Tantric Soul is the biggest of London’s gay massage agencies. Not only that, they also really care about their masseurs and provide sessions of trainings to make sure we reach a high standard and are then able to offer a very top-quality service to all our clients. If you think this sounds good, then I’d suggest just being dedicated and doing your best and I’m sure you will be a popular Tantric Soul masseur. If you’re someone who loves to give, then you could be absolutely ideal.

What would you say is your competitive advantage over other masseurs?

What I believe is that because I work from my heart, each touch and stroke I administer carries feeling and power. I think clients are no fools and would be able to tell immediately if someone were just going through the motions. I am always engaged, always attention, always sensitive and always keep my strength up. I can deliver male massage in a uniquely passionate and considerate fashion and the results — the fact that clients come back to me — speak for themselves. I am nothing less than completely dedicated to this craft. It is my life, frankly.

How long have you been working as a male masseur?

I’m been qualified since 2012 but before that I used to do it as hobby, massaging friends and family, so in a way I had already tapped into some innate ability before I even got going. But as far as professional life goes, it’s been seven years — seven years of helping people to get more out of their lives and their bodies, seven years of providing pleasure and happiness. I’m thrilled that I’ve got all that experience to call on whenever I need it.

Do you exercise regularly?

To go to the gym six times per week is my aim, and I mostly achieve it. I also follow a diet plan given to me by my nutritionist. It keeps me in the finest possible condition, enabling me to provide the very best possible gay massage.  London is a busy city and sometimes there’s so much to do that getting to the gym can be challenging. When that occurs, I simply move my gym sessions to 7.00am, so that I’ve got the rest of the day for fitting in everything else. I love beginning my day by attending to fitness. That way, everything else that happens seems to flow better and my attitude stays great.

What benefits would you say your massage services offer to the client?

It involves a variety of bodywork techniques designed to reduce stress and tension, improve blood circulation and helps clients heal themselves. I like to think the benefits are actually long-lasting and also cumulative, so that someone visiting me for the fifth time is not only getting the benefit of the latest massage, but also the built-up benefit of the previous four sessions. I think it’s true and my clients certainly confirm it. In a short space of time, they report better sleep, better ability to exercise, better flexibility and improved love lives. I’m astonished and yet very, very happy that I can give someone’s life such an amazing overhaul.

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