Hi Daniello! Do you remember your first client, what was it like?


Yes, I do remember my first client appointment. It was late evening, and I was slightly nervous but at the same time quite excited. I felt as if I was on the precipice of a whole new start. The client was very nice and the session went smoothly. More than that, it went extremely well. I enjoyed it as much as my client did and since then I knew this might be a great job for me.
In fact, I really felt as if I’d found what I was put on earth to do. My true purpose in life, I suppose. It was as if a missing puzzle piece had finally been found, successfully interlocking to form a complete picture. It was quite a realisation. I’ve never forgotten it.


Do you like your job? What aspect of it is the most satisfying?


Yes, I do like my job. I enjoy body to body massage in particular. However, the most satisfaction I get is from positive feedback and happy clients. Nothing beats knowing that you’re making someone else’s life much better and that what you do has meaning. I cannot imagine simply turning up to an office and counting the hours until it’s time to go home, with no sense of a higher purpose. The fact that I can expand someone’s life and give it more flavour and colour is everything to me. It really is.


What do you like most about Tantric Soul?


I enjoy working for Tantric Soul because of its great base of extremely nice clients. These are people with whom it’s a pleasure and a privilege to spend time. Also, I appreciate the professionalism of the agency and its flexibility policy, which allows me to balance my private life with my work. It is also nice to work for an upmarket and exceptional agency, given that there is so much out there that is sub-standard, sordid and trashy. I am thrilled to work through an agency that has scruples and extends consideration both to their clients and their therapists.


Tell me more about yourself and why I should make a booking with you?


I consider myself a down to earth and friendly guy. I take great care of my body and I live an extremely healthy lifestyle. I’m told I’m a good communicator and I know for a fact that I’m unusually passionate about my job. I’m also good at helping people break quickly through inhibition. That means I can deliver an experience that will be much more powerful, not only in terms of the healing, erotic charge but also in the long-term benefits that will be felt by the client many hours and days after the appointment.


What do you like to do when you have time off?


In my free time, I go the gym frequently, or I also love going out on my bike. I’m interested in fitness and nutrition. I like travelling, scuba diving and skiing. Since I’m sociable and gregarious, I love getting together with friends old and new, and sharing my life with others. I love losing myself in the cinema and running by the South Bank on sunny days. Cycling in Richmond Park, where the wildlife, especially the deer, are so delightful to behold, is another thing I cannot do without.


What is your favourite drink, holiday destination, Cuisine?


My favourite drink is a protein shake, however a glass of white wine is occasionally appreciated as well, truth be told. My favourite holiday destination is anywhere where I can enjoy sun and beach. It really doesn’t matter what continent or coast; I can enjoy it no matter the location provided there are hot days and ocean waves. I enjoy Thai food a lot and I love trying all the different Thai restaurants in London. Wild horses can’t keep me away from them. As soon as a new one opens, I’m there.


What made you decide to work as a masseur?


I strongly believe that gay massage can improve the quality of our stressful lives. It not only improves blood circulation but also heals the mind and stimulates the release of positive hormones. I’m very proud that I can be a part of the team which makes my customers more relaxed and happy. Who doesn’t love knowing that what they do makes the world a better place? I certainly feel that my little corner of the world gets enhanced by what I do. In fact, I try to take the positivity of my working life and bring it to bear on everything I do. It’s so important, when you consider how many human instincts are destructive and harmful. I knew I wanted to do something with my life that would heal and uplift others and I feel that that’s what I do.


What would you tell guys who are considering a career in Massage?


I would definitely recommend this particular agency due to its experience and the way it’s run. In fact, that would be one of my main cautions; consider for whom you’re working. There are organisations out there that are exploitative and unscrupulous. But once that issue has been resolved, there is so much to gain from working in gay Tantric massage. It brings such profound joy to the lives of others. You’re almost doing the entire human race a favour because once you spark light and love in another human being, then that human being will spark it in someone else. Before you know it, whole chains of positive interaction are taking place, starting with you. Amazing.

What sets you apart from the other masseurs?

It’s a difficult question since all masseurs are great and have their strong points, so I will leave you to be a judge in this matter. If I’m really pressed, I would say that I know without question that I am caring, considerate, generous-spirited, passionate, uninhibited and highly sensual. I think the male body is the most beautiful gift nature has given the world and my work celebrates it to the fullest. This is what I have in mind every time I’m about to see a new client. Magic is about to take place and, in this arena at least, I am the magician.


How long have you been working as gay massage therapist in London?


I joined the agency last year — my working name was Desmond. Then I was away for few months to Asia. Now I’m back to London and have rejoined the agency. So it’s about a year, give or take a month here or there. Enough time to have honed many elements of my practise, that’s for sure.


Do you attend the gym or exercise regularly?


Haha, yes, gym is my second home. Of course, there are other important things in life, but does anything give one such an immense feeling of satisfaction as intense exercise? It’s hard to say for sure, but I’m tempted to say no. There’s no feeling I find quite so transcendent. It helps me through difficult times and enhances good times, and it means I stay strong and healthy.


What are the benefits of the massage service you provide?


Like I said before — apart from obvious health benefits, I believe that the service I provide helps to relax and forget about everyday stressful life. There’s plenty of evidence regarding the release of positive hormones, feel-good hormones for example, as well as a reduction in the damaging hormones like cortisol. Some people find it a near-spiritual experience. For others, it’s gloriously earthy and a celebration of the flesh. The benefits are well into the hundreds if not thousands.

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