Battersea – (Visiting service only)

Situated within the borough of Wandsworth, just south of the River Thames, this well-liked and largely residential area has undergone rapid change. As recently as the 1970s, it was staunchly working class (as demonstrated in the kitchen-sink drama, ‘Up The Junction’) but has since become gentrified, revitalised and very popular with the upper-middle. Since it’s still fairly central and just across the water from Chelsea, there’s no shortage of gay massage. Battersea, home to the glamorous and upwardly mobile, is also the location of the famous power station, used by Pink Floyd for the cover of their 1977 album, ‘Animals’. If you’re feeling a little bit animal yourself, then world-class male massage in Battersea is just the treat you’re looking for. Our men are dependable, incredibly attractive, strong, fit and talented. With their hands alone, they can take you to the skies. But when their bodies make contact with yours, then you’ll shoot into heaven.

The Best gay Massage in Battersea Available 24/7

As you step back out into the streets of London, there will be something different about you that passersby will notice – a spring in your step and a deep peace in your smile. You’ll be ready to explore with renewed vigour – perhaps you’ll pay a visit to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the wonderful charity that’s been helping our furry friends since 1860 and where it’s possible to volunteer your time. Or maybe the large, beautifully designed park will take your fancy – offering you the opportunity of a romantic, riverside walk with delightful views. What’s certain is that your time here will be dramatically improved by gay massage. Battersea’s also conveniently placed for access to the rest of London. It may not have the best Tube links, but by hopping on a bus, you can be in sumptuous Sloane Square just minutes later. Further to that, the gay nightlife of Vauxhall is barely a stone’s throw away.

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