Alex Tottenham Court Road

Formed by parts of several boroughs (Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, Newham and Greenwich), this area was once the Port of London, but its new name was gradually adopted from 1971 onwards (much to the chagrin of the old residents and communities who saw their lives changed by the pace of regeneration). The redevelopment really gathered momentum in the 1980s, with the creation of Canary Wharf perhaps the most emblematic aspect of the whole process. This shiny, futuristic edifice is a symbol of the eighties like nothing else, standing with a proud and phallic grandeur. If it puts you in the mood for gay massage in Docklands, then there’s one thing of which you can be certain; the men here are fine, and that’s an understatement. In a variety of deluxe flats, they can entertain you as well as treating your ailments. Alternatively, they can come to your home/hotel residence, so why not visit our gallery to check our hunky guys out.

Male Massage Docklands from our guys at Tantric Soul

The area was once very poorly served by transport links. The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) changed all that. It was constructed at a reasonably low cost (£77m) by repurposing discarded railway infrastructure. Then it was bolstered by the extension of the Jubilee Line of the Tube in 1999. Nowadays, there’s no excuse for not coming here and checking out the scene. All in all, this area has become a London success story, prompting proposals for further development such as extending the DLR to Dagenham and erecting new skyscrapers. Part of that success story is, of course, gay massage in Docklands. Once, it was impossible to come by and men came away disappointed. Today, it can be arranged at the touch of a button.

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