One of the jewels of central London, this area, named after the street that runs through it, manages to avoid the teeming crowds of tourists that congregate at South Kensington and in the West End. It may no longer have the cachet or cool it enjoyed when there was a bustling market, but in every other sense it continues to thrive. Its strip of mainly upmarket shops includes a large organic supermarket and a two-storey tech/computer retailer. Once you’ve got everything you need and admired the architecture, you’ll discover that you’re barely any distance from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, both beautiful places to stroll no matter the weather. Our Gay massages in High Street Kensington are a wonderful option for resting up and allowing a trained masseur to restore you from the outside in. Provided you engage a reputable agency, you’ll discover a wealth of talented men, all of them fully trained and with deluxe premises.

Things to do in Kensington

Once you’ve fed the body, then you’re in the perfect place for feeding the brain. Fortunately, although they’re a dying breed, High Street Kensington has a bookshop. It’s a branch of Waterstones, which you can access by turning back from the park and walking down the main drag. Going in this direction will also take you to the cinema which, if you have a couple of hours to kill, is a wonderful place for losing yourself. Others will want to take advantage of the proximity of Holland Park, another of the capital’s royal parks. If you’re a fan of the delightful works of J. M. Barrie, then don’t leave the area until you’ve visited the Peter Pan statue, near the Long Water in Kensington Gardens. This enchanting story of a boy who never grew up was, of course, partly set in this area, where the Darling family had their primary residence. Last but not least, we provide Gay massages in High Street Kensington and if you haven’t already availed yourself of it, this will provide the perfect end to your stay.

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