In the London Borough of Islington lies this charming village and its population of slightly over 25,000. Getting here should be no trouble because you’re in reach of a considerable array of stations – Arsenal, Holloway Road, Finsbury Park and Highbury and Islington on the Tube or Canonbury and Drayton Park on the overland railway. Your journey completed, what should you do on arrival? Well, there are several options. There’s Arsenal Stadium, if you’re a football fan or the Highness Cafe and Tea Room if you’re famished and longing for tea, coffee or cake. If it’s refreshments of a stronger kind you’re after, then pubs like The Lamb and the Compton Arms should sate your thirst pretty quickly. And if yours is more a thirst of the mind, body and spirit, then only gay massage in Highbury will hit the spot. You’re certainly in luck as far as the therapists are concerned – these are fine-looking, solidly-constructed men who’ve been trained to give the kind of pleasure that dreams are made of. You won’t want to leave.

Gay Massage Available 24/7 at Highbury

Maybe now’s the time for a restaurant – you could opt for Le Coq, Tbilisi, Iznik or Trullo. These four cover a wide variety of culinary styles and are extremely well thought of by foodies and critics. Afterwards, why not walk the area, taking in its architecture, residential streets and shopping opportunities? It’s prime North London, so the people you pass by are most likely of an intellectual and liberal persuasion; not conservative or stuffy at all. No wonder gay massage in Highbury is so good. So check out our blogs if you want something related to this to read!

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