At the junction of Edgware Road, Oxford Street and Park Lane, you find the magnificent souls that form our elite and highly acclaimed team here at Tantric Soul. Whether you are escaping the crowds in Selfridges or have come from an evening dining at La Gavroche, why not make your time in London a little more special? Allow one of our stunning masseurs to relax and invigorate you; easing the knots of tension with a deep tissue massage and stimulating all your senses with a sensual body to body massage. With boutique apartments in convenient central London locations, our beautiful gentlemen look forward to welcoming you.

Getting its name from the impressive monument located on the pedestrianised space where Edgware Road meets Park Lane and Hyde Park, this is one of London’s hives of activity, where city-dwellers pass by in their vehicles on the way to work or pleasure. It’s also teeming with tourists, some of them armed with maps, others trying to work out where the Tube station is (it’s on Oxford Street and is part of the Central Line). Almost every visitor to the capital will at some point in their vacation come here, even if they’re only passing through. You’ve got no shortage of options when you’re here. You could stroll up Edgware Road and sample tastes of the Middle East. You could saunter down Oxford Street and shop til you’re blue in the face. Or you could go straight to the heart of pleasure and book gay massage in Marble Arch. The male therapists in this area are cut from a very superior cloth – they’re handsome and strong, some are rugged, some are beautiful, all are sensualists of the highest order, ready to show you secret paths to bliss.

A Gorgeous Gay Massage in Marble Arch Experience Available

When you leave your appointment, why not feel the breeze on your skin by walking through the park. Any direction’s a good one – you could go as far as Kensington or cut down to Knightsbridge. Alternatively, linger just where you are and soak up some of the history. The arch itself was designed by John Nash in 1828. Originally located near Buckingham Palace, it was moved to this site in 1851 and here it remains. Water features nearby add to the jollity. Merriment of quite another variety can be found via gay massage in Marble Arch. There’s nothing to say you can’t have it twice in one day, so why not book a second appointment and double your happiness?

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