Russell Square is not just the address of an actual square, it’s also the name of the nearby Tube station that can get you there. And once you’re here, what a joy it is. If it’s Spring or Summer, take coffee outdoors in the square and enjoy the passing parade of people, professionals, holidaymakers and lovers of London. Majestic trees, pretty green lawns, water features and little paths — all are yours to enjoy. It’s like stepping back into the past and, indeed, you can imagine the members of the Bloomsbury Group strolling by as they conduct heated affairs with one another. And if it’s heat you’re after, then gay massage in Russell Square is perhaps the best that the capital has to offer. There are so many men, from so many places, each of them with attributes seemingly sent by the Gods; these masseurs are not amateurs. They know the pleasure zones of the body and they’ll activate them without so much as breaking a sweat (unless, of course, you’d like them to break a sweat).

Brilliant Gay Massage Available in Russell Square

Russell Square is the epicentre of Bloomsbury and as you explore outwards, you’ll be seduced by the grand old buildings, blocks of flats and hotels. Some have a faded grandeur that is simply poetry to the eyes. Come to think of it, if you like things that are easy on the eyes then it’s high time you sampled gay massage in Russell Square. It’s not average. It’s of a deluxe class that simply cannot be found in the provinces. For mind-blowing treatments, you need to be in London — it’s where the fine-featured, strong, handsome and manly men come to ply their tantric trade by day or night. So whenever the mood takes you, this sumptuous and succulent pleasure is waiting, ready for you to enjoy it to the hilt and beyond.

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