True Tantric Massage

An experience that’s akin to being covered in molten love and then gradually reborn over the course of 60 to 90 minutes, True Tantric Massage is everything erotic massage should be and then some. Every need of yours will be lovingly addressed by a handsome, strong, fit and clean-living masseur, who’s been rigorously trained to the highest possible standards. At Tantric Soul, we have a stringent vetting process, so that only the finest and best specimens of manhood get to lay their hands on you. And with Tantric massage, it’s not just a case of a laying on of hands…you’ll also make heavenly body contact with the masseur of your choice. True Tantric Massage is ideal for all kinds of men, no matter their orientation or preferences. Gay, bisexual and heterosexual men are all discovering that sometimes only a man’s hands will do.

Un-Dressing ritual

Equal parts erotic and healing, this is an experience that will revolutionise the way you experience your body. You will fall in love with your own physicality and that sense of uptightness will leave you. At the outset of your appointment, you and your therapist will undress. On all bookings over 90 minutes, there will be a special undressing ritual, in which you will be blindfolded while your masseur slowly and seductively removes each and every item of clothing. It’s like a striptease fantasy becoming real and clients tell us that it’s one of the most pleasurable parts of the process. They love that feeling of a strong, powerful man gradually denuding them, his warm, eager hands peeling off each garment, one by one.

Therapeutic Touch 

Because life takes its toll on our minds and bodies, your masseur will then treat you to Swedish and deep-tissue manoeuvres that have a restorative effect inside and out. Areas afflicted by aches, pains and knots will be especially loved and you’ll feel soothed beyond belief. You’ll feel the worry and stress that has built up in your system slowly melting away. Your anxiety will lessen and your breathing will deepen and slow down. Since only candlelight and soft music provide the accompaniment, you’ll hear your own breathing start to harmonise with your gorgeous therapist’s. That feeling of being in loving synchronisation with another man will become apparent. Connection. It’s one of the most important things in life. Feeling our very essence merging with another is the stuff that dreams are made of. And now it’s really happening.

Body to Body Massage

Just as you’re slipping away into that zone of pure relaxation, your masseur will begin the main event; the body-to-body massage. Not only does this mean exactly what you’d expect from the name, it also involves several rituals and practices passed down from the ancients, including breathing rituals and holding positions. Breathing rituals enable you and your masseur to connect even more deeply. Holding positions, in which your masseur cradles and wraps himself around you, allow you to lose yourself in his love. With eye contact and a strong, adoring embrace, you’ll be freed from all the static, anguish, inhibition and strife that may have built up inside you for years – even decades.

Energy Clearing 

Your masseur will also enact a clearing of your body’s chakra energy fields and rock you back and forth in his muscular embrace. Let yourself be loved in a way that’s different to what you’ll have experienced in the past. There’s a stunning combination of tenderness and strength in your chosen masseur. He will coat his chiseled body in an exclusive, warm oil formula to make for better, more arousing sensations when his flesh is pressed into yours. Using a figure-of-eight formation, will will travel the length and breadth of your body, gliding and grinding just where you need it most.
If you’ve ever fallen in love, you’ll know that feeling of rapture that will now occur. Our masseurs know how to make a meaningful connection with you, which makes for an experience that is simply out of this world. You may have sampled gay massage in the past, but True Tantric massage goes far beyond it. As the body-to-body stage of your appointment gathers speed and momentum, no part of you will be left untouched or unattended. And then, as the heat in the room rises, your strapping masseur will take charge, harnessing every bit of sensual energy in the room and taking you closer and closer to that zone of ultimate release. As you and he near that point of no turning back, he’ll let you linger there for as long as possible before the inevitable love explosion.


True Tantric massage leaves you reconditioned and ready for anything, with lingering benefits that stay with you for days to come.

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