When you choose to sample gay mature masseurs, it’s like stumbling upon hidden treasure. People obsess over dewy-eyed youth and in our media-saturated age, it’s easy to forget about the charms of men who’ve got a bit more experience under their belts. But when you wake up to the talents of older men, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them. Yes, there’s an undeniable beauty about fresh-faced twenty-somethings, but they don’t have the rugged manliness, the solidity and substance of men whose vintage has a bit more history behind it. Expertise takes time to acquire; it cannot be gained overnight. Youthful enthusiasm can only carry a man so far – when you’re looking for an experience to vault you into new zones of eroticism and relaxation, you need a man who’s been plying his trade for many years. He knows every crease and contour of your body from the moment you lie naked before him and there’s a wisdom in his touch that will rocket you into ecstasy. Male massage in London is a completely different ball-game when your therapist is a mature man. It has to be tried to be believed. Youth is by no means everything – sometimes the best men are the ones who’ve been around the block once or twice.

Alex Tottenham Court Road

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