• Age26
  • Height5'8ft /1.7m / 172cms
  • Weight77kgs / 170lbs / 12sts
  • EthnicityMediterranean Italian
  • BuildMuscular athlethic
  • Hair colourBrown
  • Eye colourBrown
  • OrientationGay
  • Set upBed
  • IncallsYes
  • OutcallsYes
  • PersonalityOpen Minded - Wise


*Please see my glowing client reviews below!
* Agency Superstar!

Hi guys. I’m a 26-year-old man named Pablo from Italy. With seven years of massage experience at my command, I can promise you an experience that’s several cuts above the average. I love applying myself to the job in hand, bringing men relief, tenderness and a kind of sensual understanding that flows from my fingertips. From my body to yours the magic will flow, and you’ll feel warmth and love filling you up. I’ll intuitively find my way to all the places where you hurt, both physically and emotionally, and you’ll experience wonderful healing. I love leaving my male clients feeling revived and renewed and I’ll see to it personally that the same thing happens to you.

Fit, clean-living Pablo is a sweet and handsome man who comes to you with a wealth of experience – from sports massage to therapeutic, from reflex massage to erotic, body-to-body work, he’s done it all. Pablo looks after his strong, glorious body with daily work-outs. He’s a kind-hearted and sensitive soul with an empathetic nature and an innate understanding of the needs of men. He’ll take no time to identify what ails you and then focus his skills and talents on it until it feels better. Let him take you in his arms by the soft light of candles and soothe every trouble and worry besetting you. When the body-to-body stage of the appointment begins, you’ll feel his strong, mighty frame gliding into and over you, its movement eased by the application of warm oils. Sensation after sensation will crash into you like waves, washing away your cares and lifting your spirits. Pablo can be visited at his luxurious, central London flat or at your home/hotel. Wherever you see him, you’re guaranteed the same five-star experience.





on March 5, 2018

The 60 minutes I spent with Pablo were amazing.His strong body and perfect service, absolutely amazing. Pablo you are a dream, your hands relax my muscles beast any experience I have ever had. He welcomed me with a beautiful smile and yet charismatic. Was my second time with Pablo, highly recommend.

By Yahia Booked 60 mins Tie & Tease Massage Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on March 5, 2018

Very sensuous. Very relaxing, just like in photo. Great body, warm personality and superb. He is very cultured and very respectful. Your massage was strong, His hand work magic. Lovely apartment, clean, with candles, music and modern. Thanks Pablo

By Peter Booked 60 mins Tantric Soul mate Experience Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on January 25, 2018

I am writing this review because of the stunning massage I had earlier from Pablo. He is a man to behold, Tender, Loving, Masculine, Skilled and very handsome indeed, what's not to like! His apartment was well located and I was even offered a soapy shower before the massage began. Pablo, you are a rare talent, unlike no other, long may you offer your magical services.

By Philip Booked 90 mins Tantric Soul mate Experience Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on January 18, 2018

I met Pablo for body-to-body massage and He is handsome, muscled and charming too. Was fantastic. He is strong massage, his skilled movements, all made me feel very relaxed. Really polite and brought to a pleasant conversation. The body to body was out of this world. Highly recommend

By Yaman Booked 60 mins Body to Body massage Outcall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on December 14, 2017

Great body, attractive, warm personality & not rushed. Perfect massage. Way exceeded expectations.

By James Booked 60 mins Body to Body massage Outcall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on December 14, 2017

Pablo is amazing. He is a very attractive genuine guy. He is extremely attentive to your every need. He spent a ton of time on my hamstring and took great care of every inch of my body. I would highly recommend him and I definitely plan to see him again.

By John Booked 90 mins Body to Body massage Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 9/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on December 11, 2017

Pablo was amazing, he knew where to massage and how to relax me. I could have spent another 90 minutes with him as he was so good, can't wait for next time

By Stepehn Booked 90 mins Tantric Soul mate Experience Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on December 8, 2017

Wonderful, thorough, relaxing yet energising massage from Pablo. Handsome guy with a firm, muscular body and very engaging personality, he certainly goes the extra mile to make the experience completely fulfilling.

By Matt Booked 60 mins Body to Body massage Incall
  • Attractiveness 8/10
  • Massage Skills 9/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 8/10
on December 8, 2017

A fourth visit to Pablo, and the massage gets better every time. Worked through all my knots but made it a sensual experience at the same time. Attractive and charming.

By Nick Booked 60 mins Body to Body massage Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on November 25, 2017

I met Pablo for a body-to-body massage this afternoon and had world-class service from start to finish. He is incredibly handsome with a gorgeous physique. He's also an intelligent, interesting and witty conversationalist. His massage was wonderfully relaxing. I have had massages all over the world and Pablo is one of the best masseurs I've ever visited. Definitely the best of the best and I will be back to visit him whenever I am next in London.

By Simon
on November 13, 2017

A third visit, and as enjoyable as the first two times. The perfect balance between sensual and form. A charming and charismatic masseur.

By Nick
on November 6, 2017

Pablo is utterly charming, sweet and very handsome. His massage was expert, strong and tender at the same time. He deserves all the plaudits on here, and it was lovely to have a conversation with him afterwards – feeling relaxed and restored!

By Johnny
on November 2, 2017

Life is full of surprizes and Pablo was one of them. If I'm not taken for hyperbole then I must, in all fairness, tell that this lad set the bar a notch higher. To begin with, the clean and tastefully done apartment set the mood for the sacred exchange of energies. Pablo boasts a body carved out of marble, intense pair of eyes, inordinate sweetness and endearing demeanor. He welcomes you with a very familiar smile and a known embrace. You cease to feel like a stranger after the door opens. And the rest was so divine it cannot be explained. It'll be a serious miscarriage of justice to attempt explaining the pleasure of how his god-like physique painted his love on me. Last but not the least, the shower was pleasantly well equipped hence earned him a few brownie points. Pablo will uncontestedly rule tantric for eons to come.

By Adam
on October 16, 2017

Fantastic 90 mins with Pablo. I booked the Tantric massage, it was incredible from start to finished. I could tell that Pablo was very well trained and has very good experience. He was totally dedicated to my pleasure. I left with no knots or tensions in my muscles. He is a total professional. A great find! Will be back soon! x

By Morgan
on October 5, 2017

He's nice guy and good service. I am very impress with him.

By Mag
on October 1, 2017

My massage with Pablo was one word: AMAZING!!! I highly recommend him. He is sweet, kind, beautiful, and most importantly, and very rare, a good person in his heart. I cant wait to see him again. Thank you Pablo for being such an incredible person.

By K Booked 90 mins Tantric Soul mate Experience Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
on September 28, 2017

I had a great time with Pablo, he’s simply amazing. I highly recommend him!

By K
on September 26, 2017

Pablo is a wonderful young man! I was very pleased with our time together. This is an amazing memory that will be the highlight of my travel to Great Britain! The best!

By James Harper
on September 24, 2017

Pablo was amazing!! Absolute 5*, never experienced anything like it! Would highly recommend, no faults whatsoever.

By Nate
on September 21, 2017

Another great massage. Listened to my requests and adapted the massage to suit. Found the right balance between applying enough pressure but being sensual throughout. Look forward to seeing him again.

By Nick
on September 18, 2017

I had my first ever body-to-body massage with Pablo and it was just incredible. Pablo is very handsome, muscled but more importantly super charismatic and charming too. He gave me the best massage I have every had and followed up with a very pleasant conversation - he is well travelled, cultured and very knowledgeable. A wonderful experience and highly recommended!

By Rami
on September 16, 2017

A real pro! I enjoyed every single moment of our time together! The feelings were out of this world. Gorgeous to look at! Such powerful & beautiful hands amongst other things! Thank you very much Pablo, I'll look forward to another encounter.

By Dan W
on September 14, 2017

I just want to say Pablo, you were fantastic! I arrived feeling very nervous, because this was my first time, and the moment I saw you, you put me very much at ease, with your kind handshake and warm embrace. I found the facilities at your place to be of a very high standard, and I just loved the decorations in your bedroom, felt very spiritual indeed. Your massage was strong, and took away all my tensions, I wasn't prepared for the sheer bliss that was to come, when you placed your muscular body on top of mine and began to massage me with such intensity. What I like particularly was the holding techniques in the tantric ritual, I have not been held like that by a man for a very long time, and it really was the intimacy I have been craving for so many years. I shall return to my husband and will be bringing him with me next time!! Thank you again. Peter x

By Peter
on September 12, 2017

I am a regular of Tantric Soul and I have to say that I was totally blown away by the massage I had earlier from the stunning Pablo. He is strong massage, his skilled movements, all made me feel very relaxed. I loved how he used his body to provide a beautiful and very intimate massage experience. Thank you Pablo, I will be back soon.

By Jason
on August 18, 2017

Strong, handsome, attentive and charming with a good massage technique and a sensual finish. Really enjoyed the B2B massage and would not hesitate to see him again.

By Nick
on August 15, 2017

Having been a loyal client of Tantric Soul Massage, I would rate Pablo as being one of the best, if not the best guy there is here. I was literally in heaven, and do not regret the brief time we spent together. I would certainly not hesitate to make my way to his place all the way from where I live in East London.

By Anon
on August 2, 2017

This evening I met Pablo for a tantric massage. A gorgeous and adorable Latin guy. A muscular body, toned and really attractive. A fascinating experience that I highly recommend. His masseur hands are magically expert. He has a very friendly way to do it. Really polite and brought to a pleasant conversation. From the beginning, Pablo makes you feel comfortable. This wonderful guy starts by relaxing your body up to the point of blowing up your senses. Really try his hands!

By Luke
on July 19, 2017

It's was nice & enjoyed a lot

By Satish
on June 27, 2017

Wow, Pablo was amazing, probably the best massage I have ever had in my life. His apartment is lovely, very clean, modern and well laid out, with soaps, towels and the most beautiful massage room, with candles, music and dim light. I really enjoyed his strong deep tissue, which was mixed with sensual elements. The body to body was out of this world, I was feeling totally relaxed and revived, Highly recommend.

By Jason
on June 11, 2017

I just came from massage with he is an amazing man. Lovely apartment and lovely personality and an out of this world body. Left me feeling very relaxed and content. Would certainly go back again if I lived here.

By Shane
on June 9, 2017

Just had a 60 minute massage session with Pablo. He is absolutely amazing, and very professional. Great body obviously, but also loving personality. No words can do him justice, and I would keep him all to myself if I could. x

By Hakan
on June 4, 2017

I had an amazing massage with Pablo. He is gorgeous, friendly and certainly a fantastic masseur. He knows how to make one feel at ease and simply enjoy the session.

By Floyd
on May 31, 2017

Amazing Massage. Pablo was excellent, very professional massage that makes you feel great and Pablo is a kind individual. Thanks

By Raj
on May 28, 2017

I met Pablo today and he was amazing. His hands work magic and he is nice and very sociable. He is a real professional and he knows how to hit the right spots. I am definitely going to see him again no doubt he is the best

By Josh
on May 20, 2017

Pablo is a great masseur and spectacularly handsome with an amazing body - I will become regular!

By Max
on May 10, 2017

Amazing, great hands, Five star gay massage. Fantastic addition to the Tantric Soul team! I called on Pablo for an outcall visit to my hotel. I booked 60 minutes body to body, but such was his talent, I upgraded to two hours. This young gentleman, clearly has a lot of massage experience. It was great from start to finish. He is handsome, great body, and has a lovely tattoo. I just loved everything about it. I had the best sleep. I also loved our chat about your travels, its so nice to have a massage from someone who you connect with. Chemistry was very good between us. Thank you Tantric Soul for another great find. Peter. x

By Peter

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