Perhaps you identify as a certain type in this community and there are no ifs, and’s or buts about it; that’s simply who you are and who you always have been. But for some people, it’s not so black and white. Sometimes, that’s fine; people can live with uncertainty. But sometimes it’s a source of stress and anxiety. That’s why our male massage service is such a good choice of leisure pastime for people looking to explore themselves in a safe, happy environment.

Is this massage service for everyone?

Yes. If you are a man who likes men, or are maybe curious, It absolutely is. That means if you identify as bi-curious or straight, then there’s a tremendous amount you can gain from booking a luxurious session with a gay massage specialist. Whether you opt for 60 or 90 minutes, you will access a wonderful range of fully-trained, healthy, clean-living, good-looking masseurs. If you’ve felt ill at ease or uptight about hidden or unknown aspects of your identity, you will be able to experiment and explore while at the same time benefiting from all the relaxing and rejuvenating properties of this deluxe treatment. So long as you are over 18 and can prove it, we will be happy to serve you. In this day and age, some people do opt out of labelling altogether. Recent studies I have studied have shown, labels are often unable to tell the whole story anyway. And there’s now such a plethora of categories and sub-categories, it can be both confusing and irritating. Yes, descriptors certainly have their place; after all, it’s nice to know what’s in the package before you unwrap it.

Labels can be limiting, We can paint ourselves and our identities into a corner and then find it hard to escape. If you’ve decided to go label-free, a reviving treatment with a Tantric Soul professional can still help you relax and discover aspects of yourself you might not have known were there. What’s not to like?

What if i don’t identify as gay?

There’s still a world of pleasure and self-discovery that awaits you, even if you know unequivocally that you aren’t gay. By allowing a male practitioner to take you on a voyage of the senses, you’ll be unlocking yourself in ways that may surprise and delight you. You’ll also benefit from the expertise of a trained therapist who has the added advantage of being male and therefore having unique insights into the male body. It’s important to disabuse people of the notion that anything can ‘make’ them just as nothing can make them straight or indeed anything else. The benefits of having an hour or more with a skilled practitioner are many, but chief among them is that if you’ve been walking through life with a sense of up-tightness or self-consciousness or of life being ‘small’ somehow, then this treatment will open your eyes and change the way you see not just yourself but others. It’ll be like the scales falling from your eyes. Life will go from black and white to colour and you’ll be the fullest version of yourself possible.


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