When we hear the word ‘sensuality’, most people would automatically think ‘sexuality’. But they would be jumping the gun ever so slightly. Yes, sensuality and sexuality are closely tied together, but sensuality is a little more than just sexual pleasure. Put plainly sensuality has to do with enjoying the pleasures of one’s senses i.e. Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch. According to some, sensuality can be defined as such…‘To be aware of and in tune with the things around us to the extent that we derive great pleasure and enjoyment from the stimulation of our senses’. 

For example,  Some of us might peruse the many exhibitions at Tate Modern, filling our eyes with the spectacles of Pop Culture Art and enjoy it, or some might book a balcony at The Royal Albert Hall and gorge on the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra soaking up the musical Vibrations through their ears. Some might choose to Fine Dine at one of London’s Many Michelin Star Restaurants and titillate their taste buds with exquisite otherworldly flavours, and lastly but no means least… Some might book a Gay Tantric Massage at London’s No. 1 Gay Tantric Massage Agency and allow their bodies and souls to be melted to pure bliss through tender touches, warm embraces and sensuous strokes.

Since we have the choice to stimulate our senses or not and also the choice about what we stimulate our senses with, it is no wonder why so many people feel depressed, anxious, stressed and tense. I would hasten to add that these feelings of increased anxiety and insecurity have only increased with this ‘reality TV’ lifestyle we all live, as if in our own ‘Truman Show’. But unlike Jim Carey, we are actively trying to remain the star of our own show enjoying somehow the world as an audience… With the ‘Likes’ of Facebook, Instagram etc… We now spend a lot of our time stimulating our senses with our ‘smart mobile telecommunication device’ that not only offers a way for us to ‘stalk’ our peers like never before but also allows the world to ‘stalk’ us… What a way to fill our senses and hence our lives?

Much of understanding our senses is understanding the context or environment we are experiencing them in…and really how often do we take time to stop, notice and understand our environment and stimulation it is giving our senses?

Maybe if we did our sense would like to tell us…’ Man-made Concrete landscapes (sights), Roaring Engines and Sirens (sounds), Highly Manufactured fast foods (taste) and all alone though amongst the masses (touch)’…Maybe, just maybe you are one of the lucky ones and things aren’t as bad as I am suggesting, but either way, I am quite sure all of us could do with a little more ‘Variety in our life’ to spice it up…

You could for instance.

Adventure to somewhere new. Get Lost. See new people, see new cultures. See new and different ways of living life. Try to take time to listen to nature and its sounds as opposed to man-made machines. Why not wake early one morning and listen to birdsong! A truly amazing, though quite creepy experience. Or take a walk in the woods and sit and listen. Or listen to the ominous Church bells ringing in central Amsterdam… Next time you are at a restaurant Order something different…don’t stick to the same flavours you are accustomed to. Branch out a little. Be daring…you might just enjoy a new combination of flavours in your life…and since you are here… Why not adventure into the realm of Tantra and Tantric Massage. A combination of Philosophy, ancient tradition and Modern Massage Techniques working together to help you achieve the most sensual erotic bodily experience known to man… 

Sensuality is something that can be fostered and neglected in our lives, and I believe that favouring the latter would be to the detriment of an otherwise happy and fulfilled life. And yes, though it is natural for us to mature and put away childish things I wouldn’t want to put away curiosity or an adventurous yet slightly naive spirit that most if not all of us are born with. As we traverse through life we should make the most of each opportunity that presents itself and embrace new experiences without preconceptions or judgements…

If you are here reading this maybe you are contemplating adding a new spice to your life? Maybe you are yearning for the fulfilment of your sensuality? 

If so, then why not step into the world of Gay Tantric Massage? Tantric Massage is designed for the sole purpose of helping one reach ultimate sensuality through combining body and soul with touch. Tantric Massage aims to re-balance your body’s energies, giving you a new positive perspective and outlook on life… A brand-new Way of Living Life 

I could go on about how great Tantric Massage is for increased sensuality and therefore life fulfilment and satisfaction, but I urge you to try it for yourself… 

Why not come over and contact our Bookings Manager on +447964770330 to Discuss your first (or next) Tantric Massage. We always have time for your questions and will do our best to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable… Check out our Souls here and read real reviews left by our satisfied clients. 

Stimulate your sensuality today and Book a Gay Tantric Massage. You know it’s good for you… 





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