We’ve looked at some of the sneaky ways we can self-harm without anyone necessarily noticing. After all, self-harm is not just about extreme activities like ‘cutting’ or self-starvation. There are all sorts of quieter, less conspicuous ways a person can damage themselves. If you’re regularly attending gay massage sessions, chances are you care about yourself. You embrace wellbeing, good health and happiness. But that still doesn’t mean you’re immune from subtle types of self-harm. In the interests of keeping these at bay, let’s take a look at some more ways it’s possible for human beings to hurt and undermine themselves. We already identified 1. Isolation; 2. Maintaining toxic friendships; 3. Risk-taking; and 4. Making yourself feel worse on purpose. or just treating yourself to gay massage in London is the better way to avoid self harm and seek healing and pleasure.

5. Excessive casual trysts

While there’s no need to pathologise a healthy love-life, if you find yourself falling in and out of bed with every passing random stranger, it may be time to take a step back and see whether darker motives are at play beneath the surface, possibly relating to low self-esteem or a desperate hunger for love.

6. Under or over-eating

Are you binge-eating? Are you meal-skipping? Is your relationship with food a strange power struggle? Do you eat on your feelings? Crossing over behavioural lines in terms of our eating patterns can be a sign that something’s not quite right. If you’re left grappling with self-loathing after downing whole tubs of ice-cream, then it’s time to seek help and, fortunately, there’s plenty of help out there for people with food issues.

7. Always putting yourself last

One sign of advanced co-dependency is that you always put other people first. Then a cycle begins; you put everyone else first, they’re insufficiency appreciative and you’re left feeling undervalued, so you redouble your efforts and make an even bigger display of putting yourself last. Or you may be worried that your friendships will be damaged if you don’t always make the friend more important than you are. For example, do you take long phone calls from friends who need to unburden themselves but who never reciprocate by being a shoulder for you to cry on? You’re left with all your emotional energy sucked out, feeling unappreciated, flat and exhausted.

8. Scratching and scratching again

This is like the baby brother of cutting. Yes, it’s less severe because it doesn’t involve sharp objects or blades. But we’d be fools to regard it as harmless. A lot of damage can be done by our fingernails and people who get into the habit of scratching to deal with spikes or flat-lines in their emotions can cause permanent scarring and infection. There are other forms of this brand of self-harm, such as pulling out hair.

If you’re doing any of the above, think about what strategy might help you out of the habit, whether seeing your GP to look into psychological help.


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