Tantra at the British Museum.

What could possibly link The British Museum to Gay Tantric Massage with Tantricsoul.co.uk? 

Well, the curators at The British Museum in their genius have decided that their main exhibition for Spring 2020 will be ‘Tantra: Enlightenment to Revolution’ starting 23rd April – 26 July 2020.

The ‘Tantras’, which are sacred Indian texts dating from the 6th Century, not only played a pivotal role in the shaping of meditational and devotional practises of Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism, but it’s philosophies and teachings and the ripples of, can oft be felt in many religious, cultural and political landscapes across the world through much Western understanding of Tantra is a little diluted and in fact widely misunderstood. 

When asked what Tantra or Tantric is I would usually respond with something similar to this….

… Tantra can be likened to…

Striving to harness Human Desire in order to transcend it (overcome — be in control of) and also the ability to embrace all aspects of the body, all aspects of the ‘Sensual’, with the desired goal of generating a power, strength and/ a renewed creative energy from within…’ 

When we think of Tantra or hear the word Tantric our thoughts and intents jump straight to ‘Sensual Fluidity, but The British Museum aims to demonstrate that Tantra has a much wider grasp in the world than is often perceived. Tantra takes its name from sacred instructional text, usually in the form of a conversation between God (Shiva) and Goddess (Shakti). Shakti is believed to be the creative power or energy of Shiva and in so believing without Shakti, The Supreme God of Shiva is Dead…

On a Side Note…maybe the Tantra Exhibition at the British Museum Spring 2020 will go some way to demonstrate through artefact and comment that just like some who believe Shiva is indeed Impotent without Shakti, so this gifted male rule world is also impotent and fruitless without the balance of feminine energy, insight and creative revolutionary thought…

The Goddess Shakti can be identified with the Kundalini, an energy that lays at the bottom of the spine. An Energy which can be brought up, through the body passing through 6 energy centres until it reaches its final destination, the Head, the seventh Energy Centre. It is reported by practitioners that when this occurs there is an overwhelming feeling of Bliss, and what feels like a simultaneous Release of Tension and Influx of Joyous Euphoric Energy. Through a series of techniques that combine Holding positions, prescribed postures and breathing rituals (similar to those you might find in many mainstream Yoga classes), one is able to achieve complete self-awareness and be at one with the eternal essence of Life. Achieving this state however might take longer for some than others as we are all on different paths and at different points along those paths… Why not start your journey toward Enlightenment…why not Allow a little Tantric Revolution to well up and grow inside you until it explodes in joyous liberty…?

So if you’re a little interested in what Tantra is and how these Ancient Philosophies have influenced modern society through feminine revolution… I would recommend you take a Trip to The British Museum this Spring and check out the ‘Tantra: Enlightenment to Revolution’ Exhibition… Ironically you would need to be a paying member already to enjoy ‘Free Admittance’ or you could pay £15 per head?…you do have to book your preferred Date and Time on their Website…HERE 

Or…if you wanted to know hands on through Gay Tantric Massage what Tantra was all about You could Book a Tantric Massage with London’s Best reviewed Gay Tantric Massage Agency…and experience Tantric Healing for yourself. With benefits that stretch from lowering blood pressure to decreased levels of anxiety, guilt and shame it is no wonder many clients return time and time and again… Male, Female, Straight, Bi, Gay, Curious, Couples…you name it we have a long list of repeat clients from all walks of life…

When you book your Gay Tantric Massage with Us, here at Tantric Soul, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a Truly One of a Kind Tantric Healing Experience. From the moment you contact our Bookings Manager to the moment you leave the Therapists Sanctuary you will know what it means to have been taken on a Truly Spiritual  Journey. Allow our Talented Tantric Therapists to bring your Powerful and Creative Energy out. Allow your Energy points to be aroused through prescribed postures, breathing rituals and close body to Body Contact. Enjoy sensuality to its fullest, connect with your Soul and achieve complete self-awareness. Allow yourself to be at peace with your true essence. No Shame. No Guilt. Just You.

We offer First Class Service to all our Clients. We have London’s Finest most experienced Tantric Masseurs who have Prime Location luxury flats in the Centre of London. You will be treated to a Luxurious 5* Gay Tantric Massage service like no other.


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