What are Tantric Foods and Are they Good for me?

As London’s Gay Tantric Massage scene is taking a short break during this Coronavirus Outbreak and Government Lockdown we at Tantricsoul.co.uk wanted to share some ideas about how you can keep Focused on the Tantric by choosing Tantric Foods, beneficial for Body, Mind and Soul.   

As People clamber over each to buy the essential toilet rolls and face masks, why not take a step back and consider your options. The World is seeing a Global Pandemic in the form of this Killer ‘CoronaVirus’ and instead of stockpiling Asda’s Finest Quilted Aloe Vera scented Cute puppy endorsed Rolls of Tissue for Post Faecal Liberation, why not stock up on Tantric Foods full of nourishment, vitamins and minerals essential for a Healthy Body, Mind and Soul? I know what I’d like my Cupboards to be filled with when the Revolution begins… 


Should we be more mindful when Preparing and eating Food? 

It has long been known that the foods we eat can and do play a major role in deciding the outcome of our physical bodies, presently and in our later years…(I’m sure I remember watching the Hit Documentary by Morgan Spurlock in 2004?) … It is also believed by a growing number that out Mental Attitude and Psychological Wellbeing is also dependant greatly upon the foods we decided to shovel into our Oral Orifice for Digestion…


Benefits of Eating Tantric Inspired Foods?

Men can benefit greatly from maintaining a diet rich in Tantric Foods….


  1. Maintaining Healthy Levels of Testosterone (Tantric Testosterone).
  2. Increased self-confidence (Tantric Perception — Self Image).
  3. Increased Sensitivity to Sensuality (Sensuality).
  4. Improved Self Awareness, Inner Peace and Positivity.


Good Nutrition is one of the most basic Foundations of Good Health and Well being that does not stop once we mature from infancy, through Adolescence, into adulthood and finally Old Age. We are often reminded in the UK to eat out 5 portions of Fruit and Veg… (N.B. the number is only 5 portions because the Government thinks that setting the bar to high i.e. 7 portions, 8 portions or more, which is clearly more beneficial for us…would just be too much…and would set the Inhabitants of the British Isles en route to certain failure… Oh, to be a Japanese National, at least their government has a little more faith in them, recommending to eat 13 portions of Veg and 4 portions of Fruit a day…) The advice?… Eat as many as you can.


What Does Tantric Teaching say about Tantric Foods?

I’ll Cut straight to the Chase… Tantric Teachings recommend A good and clean diet avoiding as much as possible any stimulants and Toxins. 

Eat all foods moderately and if you can choose Alkaline foods (See Below), paying particular attention to the healthiest foods specific to the season of the year you are in… I strongly believe there is a much deeper connection between the earth and Humanity, and we need to learn to work on our relationship with mother earth in order to reap the remedies and cures she has to offer us in light of our ever-increasing list of diseases and ailments. 


What Tantric Foods to Buy for a Healthy Body, mind and Soul?

As mentioned above, tantric teachings advise eating foods high in alkaline. Add some of these to your shopping list next time. 


  1. Green Leafy Vegetables — Yes that includes Spinach, Celery, Cabbage, Kale etc…Minerals and Vitamins necessary for healthy growth and maintenance are found in Green Leafy Vegetables. The List really is Endless… It would be even better if you can eat Fresh Locally Produced GM Free, Organic Produce… Which is virtually impossible in most Parts of Western Civilisation especially if you are blinded by the commercials advertising sugar rich preserved in chemical foods.
  2. Citrus Fruit — Contrary to common thought Citrus Fruits can be considered a Tantric Food. Many wrongly believe Citrus Fruit to be Acidic. However, this is not the case. Lemons, Limes and Oranges are the best source of Alkaline foods… Why not Add a squeeze of Lemon to your Tea or Chicken and Lentil soup for that matter… Why not a little Orange on your Roast Beef?
  3. Cauliflower and Broccoli — both are known to contain several Phytochemicals thought to be vital in protecting cells from damage. Thought to be Crucial in reducing the risk of developing cancers.
  4. Tantric Nuts — why not pick up a few bags of Nuts? Full of Healthy Fats and Proteins Nuts are thought to have an alkaline effect on the Body. Such a Healthy Alternative to Sweets and Chews. Be careful not to have overly salted nuts too much too often. They are very high in calories and diets high in salt are known to be unhealthy… Moderation is the Key.  Be sure to add nuts to your daily diet for Increased Tantric Potential
  5. Seasonal Fruits — Definitely add these Tantric Fruits to your Shopping list: Pineapples, watermelons, Kiwis, Apples and Grapefruit. Try also not to buy the juices. Though it seems you can buy 100% fresh Never from concentrate, the juice is still likely to have been processed by factory machines. Instead, choose to eat the raw fruit. This way we can ensure that the fruit still has vitamins and minerals that may have been destroyed through factory processing.  Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals all working together to lay foundation for a healthy body, mind and Soul.
  6. Ginger, Garlic and Onion — Though you may read in Tantric teachings and articles that it is wiser to avoid foods that illicit a strong bodily sensation and experience (including production of body odours) it would in fact be prudent to include these in your Daily diet. Again the main priority being moderation and Tantric Balance. Ginger and Garlic have both been known throughout the ages to have healing effects on all aspects of the human experience from warding off mythical creatures to scientifically proven effects on the human body and mind.


Preparation of your Tantric Foods makes all the difference.

Some teachers and Gurus have also proposed that the attitude with which we prepare our foods can also have an impact on our digestive systems both positively and negatively. We have seen through the study of animals and through our human experience that not only eating particular foods can lead to certain health complications but also stresses and anxieties can lead to bodily ailments. The simple act of becoming stressed causes your oesophagus to spasm and stomach to produce Acid. The effect of mood, especially stress and anxiety has been proven time and time again to have a negative effect on the body, including the digestive system

Therefore, the Tantric teachings advise that when we prepare our food we should

  1. Take our time — set time aside to prepare your food. It is better to actually have time to prepare your food, not worried about the next thing to do. In short, don’t rush.
  2. Relax — it is sometimes easy to think over and over about the many things we have to do or the many things that seemed to make us anxious. Instead, try to notice the muscles in your body that are tense and relax them. You don’t need to do anything right now but prepare your food, the food that will provide you with the nourishment you need to survive.
  3. See it has a Joyous Occasion — Eating throughout the ages has always been associated with celebrations and good tidings. Eating is in fact a time not only to be joyous but to be mindful of those who go without. We should be joyful when it is time to eat being grateful, appreciating what mother earth has given us to keep us going just that little more. Eating should never be seen as a Chore.


There is much to say about Tantric Inspired Foods and diets but let’s start with what we have already.

You can reap the benefits of Tantric teachings in many ways. Maybe you didn’t realise that you can aid Tantric awakening through your food choices. The food we choose to eat has a real impact on our Body, Mind and Soul. Choosing to balance your diet with more Alkaline source foods will allow your body to slowly detox, strengthening your immune system, giving you more energy with feelings of positivity and confidence. Being mindful when we prepare our food and consume our food will also contribute to a healthier body and mind. Taking time to relax and really appreciate the food we are eating. 

With much of the world now focusing on economic stimulus why not add a little immune system stimulus and revitalise your body, mind and soul.

Why not add some Tantric Food to your shopping list next time you decide to brave the Queues outside your favourite supermarket…?

Hopefully it won’t be long until the Government lifts the Lockdown and closure of Businesses, and we can again continue to provide London with the Best Gay Tantric Massage it has to offer. 

All the Staff and Therapists at Tantricsoul.co.uk would like to thank the continued support our Clients are showing us. We look forward to Confirming your Booking soon! 

Judas x 


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