Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to develop and maintain an erection during sexual activity. It can negatively affect both your psychological and physical well-being. It can be an embarrassing and distressing condition and can leave you feeling alone and depressed. But there is a light at the end of the Tunnel!

At Tantric Soul we believe in the physical and psychological treatment of impotence using Tantric Massage. Your GP may suggest drugs like Viagra to help with this condition, and these can help. But there are more natural and purely physical-based treatments that can help with this condition. We treat the physical aspects of impotence with Tantric Massage; this also has the benefit of addressing the psychological aspects of the problem that can be rooted in stress, anxiety and depression. 

Massage has been well known throughout the ages to provide various and long-lasting health benefits for both physical and psychological conditions and symptoms. It has a well-documented and positive effect on stress and anxiety, therefore, helps to increase self-esteem and confidence. Tantric massage is an erotic based massage that has its roots in ancient Hindu and Buddhist practices but was codified for the modern age in Berlin in 1977.

There are various known causes of impotence such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, bad diet and stress, therefore negatively affecting the circulation of blood flow to the genital area. The specific rhythmic slides and strokes of Tantric Massage techniques will have a positive effect not only on your stress and anxiety levels but also on blood flow and circulation to the genital area. Tantric massage in particular, with its focus on the erogenous zones, can have a direct effect on blood flow and circulation, both of which are key in the treatment of impotence. Authentic Tantric massage also focuses on healing your chakra, manipulating and rebalancing your sexual energy. This rebalancing and clearing of energy blockages can be very beneficial for those who suffer from ED   

During the session, the therapist will take control and read the mood with you as priority. All you, as the client, need to do is lay back relax and enjoy the wonders of Tantric Massage provided by one of London’s Finest Gay Male Masseurs. Whether you struggle with impotence or not, our masseurs are always sensitive to your needs and wishes, and you will always receive the attention you desire. You will always feel you are in a safe place, a comfortable environment, where you can be yourself — totally accepted. No pressure…(unless you would like a little firmer of course…)

So why not give Male Tantric Massage a try? 

Book your Male Tantric Massage with one our Tantric Souls and be amazed by the wonderful benefits it has to offer. 


Author: Mr. Alex-Alice Moore.



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