The existence of gay shame is hardly surprising. Some people cope with it by pretending not to be affected by it (not a strategy that works well in the long-term). Others numb the negative feelings it causes by turning to alcohol, prescription medicines and drugs. This can have terrible consequences for health and prosperity in both the short- and long-term. There’s really no escaping gay shame. You could grow up in the most Bohemian, liberal household, an environment where anything goes, and yet still it will find its way to you. Even with the most understanding family, we still grow up in a world that pumps us relentlessly with heteronormative messages; messages about what’s ‘normal’, nice, respectable, acceptable. We see the Hollywood films, the music videos, the artworks, the plays. Many of us realise at a tender age that something about us is diverging from the path of what is regarded as ‘normal’. Before we even have the words or the knowledge to grasp what that difference is, it makes its presence known.

How does gay shame start?

That’s when gay shame is planted within us and begins to grow. It may not be until decades later that we discover there are resources to help us get over it. One such resource is gay massage, as we’ll explain further on. London is where many of us end up in our twenties, sometimes escaping brutally conservative towns, villages and families, not to mention religions that tell us that we’re innately wrong, guilty of a deviation so terrible that we will be banished to hell. Gay shame can be even more pronounced in people who’ve endured this kind of abuse, abuse which was once the norm (and still is in many territories). Then, as adults, we turn on the news and discover that people like us are being hanged, stoned or imprisoned. It all comes back to us in a rush of trauma. No matter the severity of the shame you carry with you through life, gay massage London can start the healing process.

The therapeutic value of massage to heal gay shame

If you explore gay massage via a reputable agency like Tantric Soul, whose therapists are fully vetted and trained, then you’ll be entering into an environment of trust, in which you can be yourself. The solutions lies in the power of male touch – to heal, to caress, to embolden and to soothe. You and your chosen practitioner will be completely undressed in front of each other. Gay shame can have an astonishingly polarising effect on people; while some may become excessively promiscuous, others will suffer from frigidity and self-denial. A body to body treatment from Tantric Soul can help both parties. If male touch is something you’ve been scared of, you’ll have a completely safe, secure, discreet environment in which to let go of your fears and allow yourself the pleasures of male love. If, however, you’re on the other end of the scale, then the treatment will allow you to enjoy an un-rushed, calming, tactile exchange with another man, in which you both honour one another, rather than treating each other as mere objects.


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