TantricSoul.co.uk has recently changed hands and I thought it might be prudent as the new owner to say a few words. (…though I run the risk of sounding completely unhinged)

For those of you who may not know Tantricsoul.co.uk – The Spirit of Tantric Heaven, The original in ‘Gay Massage London’ – was established in 2012 by a very determined, ambitious and needless to say beautiful man, but to cut a very decorated and successful 7 years of business sideways for the sake camp fires and warm cocoa…let me jump to the part where this gentleman decides to pass the truncheon on and it is I who finds himself at the helm of a comprehensive ship with a helluva lot to learn. It really only took about 2 to 3 weeks from mere notion to splendid fruition and so with a blink of an eye I was faced with the open seas and what looked like strong winds over yonder. I made a solid choice to set sail toward distant shores and wailing sirens, not only in the hope of rousing adventure and treasures untold, but also in the hope of confronting many marauding pirates and thwarting their efforts along the way. You might think it is just my over inflated ego or an exaggerated sense of my own value and self worth, but I sincerely doubt I will be alone in this journey. Whether you define yourself as a friend, foe or somewhere in between, you are very welcome to join me as I embark on this new episode of my already non-distinct life.

So who am I?

Without any further lofty waffle @iamjudasjudas. I am London born and raised and man do I Love this City! I try to live a healthy balanced lifestyle filled with family, good friends and even better food. I’m the type of person who relishes the prospect of feeling uncomfortable in social settings. I’m the type of person who will always speak out against injustice and will most likely side with the underdog. I’m the type of person who sits and thinks and sits and thinks. And sits. And thinks again. It could quite easily take me a year or two to really process a new idea, thought or perspective on life. I’m the kind of guy who will test your foundations, your beliefs, your successes as well as your failings and would expect nothing less than to be treated the same. I try to think the best of people, though I must admit I also tend to prepare myself for the worst. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys people watching and much to my surprise these days I even seem to enjoy people watching me. Though now I find myself enjoying much social intercourse and all its awkward, clumsy peculiarities I often seek solitude, albeit nestled amongst the hoarding crowds in big brand coffee shops at sixteen hundred and twenty hours…

I was first introduced to Tantric massage techniques by my soul mate and life partner a few years ago. My eyes were opened to a very different spiritual dimension, one I did not know existed. At that moment I was able to feel completely at ease though obviously in a highly charged sexual state. I could feel my sexual energy was being controlled completely. It was being manipulated in a way that allowed me to let go of any tethers holding me back both in mind and body. It is In those very moments that I believe I have out of body experiences. The only way I can explain it is by describing a vast expanse of space, as far as the minds eye can see and I am sitting in the middle of it, basking in its magnificence. I am transported to a place that feels like the essence of life, perfectly combining the absolute carnal and the absolute spiritual into a single precise moment. Tantric massage in my opinion is more about a journey of patience with only one primary goal – to prolong the meditative state for as long as possible. I truly believe tantric massage has the power to heal the body and mind. Much like all the good and healthy things in life we must practise them often to really reaps the benefits. 

So what now?

Now you know a little of who I am, come and experience some time with one of Tantric soul’s Beautiful Masseurs. Let their skilled hands and bodies take you on a journey of self discovery, unlocking pent up potential in the hope of a fulfilled, complete sense of self and oneness with the universe. Open up and allow us to take control. We are sensitive to feelings of shame and guilt. So why not come to a place where there is no judgement and no fear,  just Gay Tantric massage between Client and Masseur. We do not mind if you identify as gay, straight or everything in between. You are welcome to book a session for yourself or with your partner, you can even choose a wonderful four handed massage and of course your discretion is our pleasure.

I personally meet, greet and get to know all the masseurs listed with Tantric Soul. They choose to work with me as I also choose to work with them.

Come and experience the very best in Gay Massage London

And don’t forget to follow us and me on Instagram @tantricsoul.co.uk and @iamjudasjudas for updates, offers, photos and other interesting stuff. 

Peace, Love and Tantric massage.



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